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Guide to Amazon Brand Protection

Guide to Amazon Brand Protection


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Amazon Brand Protection Overview

Amazon offers sellers 4 key brand protection solutions, each built for different phases and types of businesses to tackle brand infringement problems.

(1) Automatic Amazon brand protection tools: automated brand information protection means

Amazon will use the brand’s information to execute predictive protection, identifying and removing potentially harmful product information, protecting the brand name, logo, offer limits, and ASIN restrictions.

Eligibility: Complete Amazon Brand Registry sellers can enjoy this tool.

(2) Reporting infringements: Helps to reduce brand infringements

Sellers can utilize the tool’s search and report tools to notify Amazon of suspected IP infringements, protecting brand trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

Eligibility: Sellers who have completed Amazon Brand Registry can enjoy this tool

(3) Transparency plan: proactively prevent counterfeiting and hijacking in advance

The Transparency program is Amazon’s product tracking and authenticity verification service for brand sellers and consumers. It tracks every product and prevents your brand’s counterfeit products from being sold on Amazon.

The Transparency initiative covers 10 Amazon sites: the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

Eligibility: Sellers who meet the following conditions can submit an application↓

  • Through Amazon brand registration and the brand owner, you can enjoy cross-site protection;
  • Commodities must have a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), such as EAN or UPC barcodes on the commodity;
  • Make certain that every Transparency product has a distinctive barcode. Barcodes are applied or printed to unit-level packaging to do this.

(4) Project Zero: Self-service counterfeit goods removal

Project Zero uses automatic protection, self-service counterfeit product elimination, and product serialization to eliminate counterfeit products.

Eligibility: If you meet the following eligibility requirements, you can join Project Zero:

  • · One must be the copyright owner of the trademark
  • · You must have an Amazon account with access to Brand Registry

Used the Report Infringement Tool in the past 6 months and had a 90% acceptance rate

Note: To prevent misuse of Amazon’s tools, Amazon reserves the right to evaluate other factors to determine a user’s eligibility.

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