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Why Warehouse Management System is Important

Why Warehouse Management System is Important


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Warehouse management system or WMS is now the most important and vital part of the E-commerce business. It is an inevitable part of the order fulfillment industry.

What exactly is WMS, and how it really helps E-commerce business?? 

A WMS is instrumental in managing inventory and helping you do so much more effectively quicker and more accurately. WMS is basically a software application that supports the day-to-day operations in a warehouse. The goal of WMS is to provide management with the information it needs to efficiently control the movement of materials within a warehouse. WMS programs enable centralized management of tasks such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations.

Warehouse management has many moving parts and it plays a key role in optimizing the overall operations, from inventory & shipping to customer management & security. By automating a variety of processes, this type of software can significantly reduce human error, maximize efficiency and productivity, and have a positive impact on the business overall.

WMS performs a series of complex operations in a simple manner that can be easily understood. First, it tracks your inventory at the location level. They use bar-code scanning to locate inventory in specific locations. This allows you to know exactly where every item is located in the warehouse. Now when you have the order to ship out, it can tell you exactly which location to go to to get it. This eliminates the Easter egg hunt that could otherwise ensue. Next, it can force you to scan the location or item to ensure you actually pick the right item so your customer gets exactly what they ordered, increasing customer service and decreasing excess costs in dealing with exchanges.
Next, it can help expedite the actual shipping process by analyzing the shipping options (who is cheaper…DHL, USPS, or FedEx, etc) and then printing out parcel Shipping labels to label printers allowing you just to slap the label on the box.
These are just the basics…

Coming out of the traditional approach, FULFILLMEN have automated everything from inventory management to picking and packing for increased efficiency and time-saving. Our IT department takes care of the entire cloud-based WMS for better management and client servicing.

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