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Why do so many people use Shopify?

Why do so many people use Shopify?


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Shopify is software that you pay for by the month that lets anyone set up an online store and sell their goods. With Shopify POS, our point-of-sale app, and the hardware that goes with it, Shopify store owners can also sell in physical locations. If you’re a Shopify merchant with both an online and a physical store, your inventory and stock get synced, so you can manage your store(s) from one account, on any device.

Advantages of Using Shopify



Shenzhen TP Technology was promoted by the training company, so a lot of people should have heard of it. This helped this Shopify become very popular. When the lecturer of this company went to my old master’s house Starlink for an interview, he or she turned out to be a beginner and had to start from scratch with everything. My friends and I have also gone to this company’s free public class in Qinghu. We really don’t think much of anything. My friends also think it’s a waste of time to try to learn about Shopify’s history.


The Shopify platform gives you a lot of freedom, and the space for independent sites is very good. To have a high-quality website, you can set your own prices, which can be 200–300% higher than Amazon. Amazon, on the other hand, has to pay 15% of the platform fee.


You can put the products on the Shopify website and test them as soon as possible through Facebook to reduce the chance that they won’t sell. Good-selling categories can be sold in large quantities, unlike Amazon, which needs to stock up its overseas warehouse. The number of items in stock depends on a lot of different things. For example, a foreign person has copied one of our company’s best-selling products. Because of this, tens of thousands of PCS products made overseas are affected, and 500W RMB is lost directly.


Shopify’s costs to run aren’t too high. You don’t have to worry about linking accounts like you do on Amazon. You can do your work on one computer. After you place an order, you can go to the supplier. Ship page.

How to get your Shopify site up and running?


1. Email

You can use gmail email, business email, yahoo email, etc. Using business email is highly recommended. Tencent business email (5 pieces) costs 600 yuan per year. You can, of course, set up an enterprise mailbox with Tencent Cloud. The tutorial is very easy to follow. The URL of the email address that was signed up:

2. Domain name

Preparing a domain name can take an entire morning. Think of a domain name, guitardeals.com, which mostly sold guitar accessories. I remember that a company gave me the domain name linliru.com, which was very random. Someone else’s name was in this domain name.

3. Credit Card

VISA credit card, used to take money out of bound accounts in the background (monthly package fee or APP fee).

4. Paypal

Corporate PayPal is the only kind of PayPal that Shopify’s backend can connect to. Personal PayPal is not supported. Before a friend just did it, it took more than a month to set up a business PayPal account, so it took almost a month.

Costs to open a Shopify store

There are three different packages that cost $29, $79, or $299 per month for the Shopify platform. Has an official 14-day free trial. During the trial period, you can set up the basic store, connect a domain name, upload products, and add Page pages (About us, Contact Us, Shipping Policy, FAQ, etc.). Every month, the fee will be taken out of the linked credit card automatically.

Shopify plugins

The Shopify store has a lot of powerful plugins, some of which are free and some of which cost money. Each plug-in has a different price. Most people choose comment plugins, currency converters, plugins that let you buy more than one thing at once, etc.


Shopify themes can be free or paid. More popular websites use the Brooklyn Theme or the Debut Theme, while more clothing websites use the Minimal Theme or paid themes. My advice is not to use themes sent by other people, because if a theme used by someone else has uncleaned code, it will slow down your website when you upload it. A simple idea is to buy it on Taobao, where it won’t cost you muchβ€”30 yuan will do.

Transaction Fees

Shopify charges transaction fees, like the cost of using PayPal. If a product costs $100 and the customer pays with PayPal, PayPal will charge a fee of 4.4% + 0.3, the customer will pay $100, and PayPal will get $95.3 (100-100*4.4%-0.3). If you currently have a $29 monthly rental plan and pay a 2% monthly rental fee, that’s a transaction fee of $100 * 2% = $2. There is no fee to withdraw to a third-party exchange company, but there will be some exchange loss. Here, 1.2% of Payoneer’s new account is used to figure it out: 95.3% * 1.2% = 1.14 US dollars. From the time the customer pays until you receive the RMB (using a third-party foreign exchange settlement company), the total cost is $4.7 (PayPal fee) + $2 (Shopify transaction fee) + $1.14 (foreign exchange loss) = $7.84.

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