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Why do independent websites do email marketing?

Why do independent websites do email marketing?


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email marketing

Email marketing isn’t a popular way to drain money, and it’s not a short-term marketing method that works, so it’s often ignored. But email marketing is a very important way to get people to visit sites that aren’t yours.

Email marketing’s good points

Low cost:

Overseas, there are a lot of email marketing platforms that can send hundreds or thousands of emails for free every day. Email marketing is free for cross-border sellers as long as they stay within this range. But even if this limit is gone over, the extra cost won’t be too much.

Precise delivery:

The conversion rate will be very high if you analyze specific user data, group contacts, and send emails that consumers are interested in.

High input-to-output ratio:

Email has about 10 times the input-to-output ratio of paid advertising on other social media sites. Of course, this is mostly because email marketing costs so little, so if you spend the same amount, you’ll get better results from email marketing. Email marketing isn’t as quick and easy as paid advertising, that’s for sure.

Increase the repurchase rate:

It will cost much less to get old customers to buy again than to get new ones. And email marketing is one of the best ways to get people to buy from you again. Use the email address left by the customer who bought something to send promotional emails to the other party. Customers who have already bought from you may be more likely to buy again if you give them special discounts.

email marketing

Examples of how email marketing is used


Thanksgiving, Black Friday Ads Cyber ​​Monday festival will be here soon. Before the holidays come, send promotional emails to customers who have already bought from you. Tell them what kinds of deals you have planned for the holidays to get them to buy again. Aside from holidays, you can send promotional emails to old customers for things like limited-time offers, membership days, weekend discounts, the launch of new products, etc.

Scenario – triggered email:

An abandoned purchase recovery email is sent when a customer puts an item in their shopping cart but doesn’t buy it and leaves the website at the same time. The seller can then send the other person a recovery email. Most customers are ready to buy at this point, so the cross-border seller needs to push it.

Greeting emails:

Cross-border sellers can send each other greeting emails for important holidays or the birthdays of their customers. This can help cross-border sellers build emotional connections with their old customers.

Process email:

Most of the time, order confirmation, ShipReminders, delivery reminders, and other emails that are sent as part of the process are used to improve the shopping experience for customers.

Mail is a very important part of how independent stations work, so cross-border sellers still need to use it as much as they can.

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