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What to do if Amazon’s Ad Exposure is low?

What to do if Amazon’s Ad Exposure is low?


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When we debut a new product on Amazon we’ll use advertising to increase traffic, as this is an effective way to do it. But sometimes, despite my enthusiastic anticipation of the order, neither the ad nor the order are viewed.

What should we do because the ad exposure is poor?

To begin with, there is little exposure to advertising; we must investigate why in order to give the appropriate treatment.

Check Your Keyword’s Relevance

When considering poor auto ad exposure, we start by considering the keyword’s relevance. Verify that the information in our listing’s title, description, and chosen keywords is correct and pertinent to our products. Low advertisement exposure will definitely result from low relevancy. At the moment, we have to optimize our copywriting, and we have to choose our keywords carefully to make sure the content is correct. We must optimize our copywriting before advertising to avoid regularly modifying it later, which will affect our keyword ranks.

Check Your Bid

We need to check to see whether our bid is too low after making sure the copy is optimized. If exposure and bid are low, we must raise the ad bid, which must be less than the proposed bid. If the product has a low unit pricing and restricted advertising budget, we can choose the intermediate bid. We can submit a higher bid than the advised bid for sellers with a large advertising budget to enhance exposure and order placement. probability.

Try Other Bidding Techniques

We can test a range of bidding techniques, open more adverts, and use different bidding strategies, such as up and down and fixed bid, before comparing which effect is better if the bid has been increased but the exposure is still unsatisfactory. save. Even bid+ is an option. However, we have to figure out the proportion when using bid+. Don’t make the last single click excessively expensive by using the formula: a single click is a bid* (1+n%).

We are the same for manual advertising with little exposure; first, confirm that copywriting optimization is in place. After ensuring that the optimization is sound, we must ascertain the accuracy and sufficiency of the phrases chosen for our manual advertisement. We must re-select more precise keywords to advertise if the word choice is not precise enough to result in low exposure.

Following that, verify the bidding, just like with the previous automatic advertising, to see if the ad keywords are accurate.

We must rule out each issue mentioned in the advertising one at a time and administer the appropriate treatment.

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