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What should an excellent Amazon listing look like?

What should an excellent Amazon listing look like?


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In the process of operation and promotion, writing a good Amazon listing is one of the most critical links. The final conversion and order quantity are like the foundation of a home because listing quality greatly impacts product. If the foundation is weak, later efforts will be wasted. Thus, Amazon operators must master listing authoring.

Most sellers follow the “copy east, copy west” philosophy and put together the copywriting of successful sellers to utilize for their own items. Some sellers even copy and paste. Sellers may imagine the result of listing so casually.

Of course, there will be some sellers who think that “seven points selection, three-point operation”, the key depends on the quality of the product. But the wine is also afraid of deep alleys. No matter how good the product is, it needs to rely on an excellent listing to attract buyers. Buyers will buy if your listing clearly explains your goods and answers their inquiries.

What should a good amazon listing contain? How to write to make your listing more attractive?

A comprehensive listing contains title, photo, brand name, five-point description, product description, category node, and A+ page. Keywords underpin these articles. In previous articles, we noted that keywords carry 80% of Amazon’s traffic through search, advertising, and association.

What should an excellent Amazon listing look like?


First of all, an excellent listing must first meet two conditions:

1. It can be recognized by the Amazon system

2. Allow buyers to understand and be attracted

The first point is to let the Amazon system recognize it, that is, to include it, and let the Amazon system capture your listing keywords.

Therefore, if the seller’s products want to be accurately included by Amazon, they must embed their products with precise keywords, the more the better. What kind of keywords are embedded, what your product looks like in Amazon’s A9 algorithm.

Amazon will immediately remove links to sensitive phrases like “pesticides” since Amazon recognizes them as prohibited merchandise. This is Amazon’s algorithm, therefore merchants must pay attention to keywords in operations. In the “Dong-style flywheel principle,” the keyword system strengthens the listing chassis as the initial roller.

What should an excellent Amazon listing look like?

Of course, in the process of writing a listing , the listing must have both the characteristics of being indexable and readable. How do you understand it?

Amazon A9 algorithm indexability. Customers should skilfully bury the researched keywords in different parts of the listing to boost Amazon’s inclusion, allow the Amazon system know what our items are, and let it recommend them to buyers in need.

Readability refers to what is shown to the buyer group. Therefore, when writing the listing copy, you should pay attention to the readability of the copy, don’t pile up a bunch of keywords in a mess, ensure the smoothness of the copy, and at the same time conform to the reading habits of local buyers, and don’t make buyers feel disgusted.

How to collect more and more accurate keywords, build a keyword matrix, and how to bury them in the copywriting. Sellers can also click on this article ” Dong Haiwen: Can White Hats Save Your Amazon? From the underlying logic of A9 algorithm SEO to help you out! ” to learn more, or privately message our course teaching assistants for consultation.


As we all know, the search weight of the title is the highest among all sections. Most buyers may click on a listing because of the title. An excellent title generally has these characteristics : easy to read, precise and simple, and reasonable in format.

Amazon requires that the title should not exceed 200 characters (for some categories, it should not exceed 80 characters), otherwise it may be suppressed and cannot be searched in the foreground.

Therefore, when buyers choose keywords in the title, they should choose keywords that are highly related to the product. According to the established keyword matrix, sort according to the relative weight order of keywords . Choose words that can demonstrate the unique value and advantages of the product, while ensuring the readability of the title, and do not repeat keywords.

Sellers should focus on the first 60–80 characters of the title due to growing traffic and mobile usage. Advertising will be wasted if the vendor lists most of the product’s features at the end.

3  pictures

Images directly effect link clicks, conversions, and product rankings. Since the customer cannot see the merchandise, the photograph is the first product sold. A good listing needs a good photo.

High-quality pictures generally have several characteristics: clear, easy to understand, accurate , eye-catching, rich in content, and attractive in appearance. Note that the resolution of the image is high enough that buyers can zoom in on product details. At the same time, it is recommended that the pictures contain life-like scenes, because this is more conducive to buyers’ purchasing decisions. When it comes to product images, it’s always quality over quantity.

Of course, Amazon’s pictures also have a lot of precautions. Of course, you must understand them one by one to avoid affecting the sales of the product due to the main picture problem.

4  five elements description

Five lines, second only to the title in the search weight ranking. Because the character limit of the title is relatively strict, and some highly relevant words cannot be buried in the title, the five elements are where these keywords belong.

When the title and pictures are perfect enough, the five elements are an important checkpoint for consumers to decide whether to place an order.

The five elements can be included to the listing to help the seller rapidly comprehend the product’s size, function, features, and differentiating selling characteristics. Sellers can list their product’s most important, eye-catching, and concerning aspects, as well as how it answers buyers’ problems and its final effect.

For example, Anker’s five-element description can also be used as an idea for its own products.

The first line explains the brand advantages and creates user trust; the second to fourth lines explain the product features, which is convenient for consumers to understand the product; the fifth line describes the product packaging and guarantee, so that buyers have a clear understanding of the product from the inside out.

5  Product Description

The product description is also an important place to bury keywords. Some long-tail keywords that cannot be added in the title and five points can also be easily placed in the product description.

The product description here can describe the advantages of the product in the form of storytelling, so that customers can have a sense of substitution. Rich text descriptions can also increase the chances of a product being searched.

When writing the copy of the product description page, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. Keep sentences smooth and avoid low-level grammatical mistakes

2. Don’t fill in keywords blindly, and don’t make the content difficult to understand.

3. Pay attention to the layout format and keep the page tidy

Of course, it is also recommended that sellers carry out Brand Registry, using the A+ function. After all, according to Amazon’s official statistics, the conversion rate of Amazon products with A+ is about 5% higher than that of products without A+.

6  Search Term

ST is the background search keyword, which is a place provided by Amazon for sellers to fill in keywords. Although buyers cannot see it, it can also be captured by Amazon’s A9 algorithm.

Some sellers feel that the weight of ST is getting lower and lower, so they choose to give up filling in. But we still suggest that it is worth paying attention to, and you can embed some keywords that are not mentioned in the title, five points, and description. After all, writing it is not harmful to the listing, but it is still useful.

Finally, we want to say that as an Amazon seller, if you want to create an excellent listing, you must polish every detail in the listing, think deeply, and strive to get all the details in place! Because a high-quality listing will directly determine the final conversion of the link.

Even if it takes half a month to polish a listing, it is worth it. Don’t care about the time, but look at the final results and output, because the results will not lie.

The above are some opinions on what an excellent listing should be. Buyers are welcome to communicate with us actively, and talk about what you think an excellent listing should be in the comment area.

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