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What are the marketing forms of TikTok’s overseas influencers?

What are the marketing forms of TikTok’s overseas influencers?


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Sensor Tower says that 3 billion times have been spent downloading TikTok. The difference with TikTok is that people who use it are younger. Using the U.S. market as an example, 47.4% of Tiktok users are between the ages of 10 and 29 and are part of Generation Z. This group pays more attention to KOLs in the same age group and buys and consumes based on their advice and suggestions

For brand merchants, getting Generation Z’s attention and meeting their needs is important for the brand to keep going. In the past few years, we’ve seen that some international brands have started to focus on Generation Z KOLs. They use the influence of people their own age to get the attention of younger consumers.

Forbes will put out TikTok Internet celebrity in 2022

Charli D’Amelio leads with 110 million yuan. Brand owners are paying more attention to Generation Z KOLs as they become a social consumption force. Finding the ideal one on TikTok Reds, brand merchants will create more Gen Z-targeted marketing content.

How do you find the right person?

We think the following things can be done:

1. Search for words

When brands want to find influencers, the most direct way is to do keyword searches with specific terms. You can also quickly find relevant influencers by searching for keywords related to a product.

For example, a brand that makes monitors can search for words like LED, LCD, laptop, computer, etc. that are related to display materials, parameters, and use cases.

At the same time, brands can use “referral account” to find and connect with more relevant influencer accounts.

2. Reds docking platform

Celebrities collaborate on TikTok. A domestic star map. Brand owners can see celebrity data in the background and use basic data indicators like fans and average playback volume to evaluate celebrities. branding Promotion should use influencers. There are two major ways to collaborate: paying influencers or offering them free things.

PongoShare is a SaaS platform for influencers that we also like to recommend here. This platform brings together more than 1 million content creators from around the world. This can help brand owners get the grass and recommendations of popular people through commissions, tasks, etc., and increase the network’s exposure and sales conversion.

3. Find out about your competitors and big names in the field.

By looking at the brand information of competitors in the same industry, brand owners can find relevant influencers. The celebrities chosen by competitors tend to have a high degree of matching, a high cooperation safety factor, and a high level of influence.

Taking women’s clothing as an example, the two overseas brands SHEIN and ZAFUL are rivals, and they often work with the same celebrities. For example, kalistadwyer, who has 391,400 fans, shows off clothes from both SHEIN and ZAFUL in the video they made together with the brand.

In the beginning of a brand’s life, its owners can follow the social accounts of industry leaders to find influencers who will work with them. There are many official accounts for big brands that will share videos of celebrities and @cooperating with celebrities in the video introduction.

Taking 3C brands as an example, brand owners can follow the official account of Anker, the leader in the industry, to find videos of collaborations between Anker and KOLs. They can also look at profiles or comments to find high-quality influencers who work with big names in the industry.

4: Use # to find KOLs

When KOLs post videos, they’ll use hashtags to get more people to watch the videos. This feature can help brand owners find KOLs who are a good fit for their products.

Try #outdoors and #sport to find a company that makes products for the outdoors. When companies that make beauty products look for hashtags like #beauty and #makeup, there’s a good chance that they’ll find KOLs who fit their needs.

At the same time, you can search for popular tags on tiktok. For example, grass-growing celebrities often add the tag #tiktokmademebuyit, which has had 8.6 billion views. Here, it’s easier for business owners to find celebrities who have worked with them in the past.

How to find the right influencers for a brand?

If a brand owner has adequate money, they can cooperate with several top KOLs to quickly attract the most users. To maximize ROI with a limited budget, brand owners must carefully select KOLs with a high matching degree.

1. Stay true to the brand

For brand owners to get more sales, it’s important that KOLs and brands work well together. 92% of Anker’s fans are men between the ages of 25 and 45, and 80% of them have at least a bachelor’s degree. From this, it’s clear that Anker’s audience is mostly well-educated men in the early stages of their careers who are more interested in beauty and technology. You can try to find tech KOLs and beauty influencers to show off when choosing an influencer.

2. social media operation status

Brand owners pay attention to how many fans they have, but they also need to pay attention to the Brand owners should consider fan count, video quality, update frequency, and comment usage. Because there are many updates and many people viewing videos, there are many users, and the stable number of people watching videos can anticipate how many people will see the product. The comment section can help identify concerns, determine influence, and improve product performance.

3. Filter bad KOLs

Brands need to do good KOL background checks to understand what celebrities say, how they act, and what they stand for. If the KOLs who work with them have said things that are too extreme, it will hurt the brand.

PewDiePie was once YouTube’s most popular subscriber, but the Wall Street Journal attacked him for making anti-Semitic and racist comments. This led to the cancellation of his show and the end of his relationship with Disney.

Finding influencers, screening them, getting them to work together, and figuring out how well it worked is a long and hard process for brand merchants. We suggest that brand merchants work with MCN agencies that have localized teams to cut costs, improve efficiency, and avoid problems like KOLs who aren’t as good.

TikTok will definitely keep growing its e-commerce layout in 2022, giving sellers a bigger market. Follow us if you want to make it easy to work together with famous people from all over the world, lower your communication costs, and get the attention of young consumer groups.

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