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How to use TikTok to efficiently acquire customers

How to use TikTok to efficiently acquire customers


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With the popularity of TikTok all over the world, more and more brand merchants are beginning to understand that traditional graphic marketing has lost its appeal to consumers! Faced with the huge traffic pool brought by TikTok, they are gradually using TikTok short videos for marketing, thereby gaining more exposure and traffic.

But with so many users, how to effectively acquire customers and form effective conversions in TikTok is a problem that needs to be solved.

If you want to play TikTok well, you must first figure out their logic and gameplay in practice. Here we divide it into four sections to explain.

1. The underlying logic of TikTok

The market TikTok faces is mainly the C-end market. TikTok has a lot of traffic and is very suitable for the C-end market. The core issue is content selection and creation.

The biggest difference between TikTok and other social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, is that the latter’s home page recommendation is mainly composed of the user’s friends, and they recommend people they may know to follow by grabbing the address book information.

On the other hand, TikTok has a large enough user pool, and content matching uses intelligent algorithm matching logic. Each user is given a user tag based on his or her content browsing habits.

Creators post videos and label a work based on content framing, title tags, historical style, and more. Then the platform performs content matching and pushes relevant content to people who may be interested.

There is a consensus that TikTok has a large number of users and a lot of traffic, and the users of the platform are young and female.

Most of TikTok’s users are between the ages of 10 and 29. TikTok is the “People’s Square” of Generation Z because it is more like a viral fission marketing content.

How to Use TikTok

1. Seize the vertical industry label

Labels are the classification of TikTok content, and content labeled with the same label will be classified into the same label category. Tags can be created by yourself. And one of TikTok’s big advantages is that its content has a high weight in Google searches. This means that users can search for TikTok videos in Google.

To this end, sellers can add a lot of content, accumulate core keywords, and then drive precise traffic from Google.

2. Publish the video and start the live broadcast

Publish high-quality videos to attract fans and form a user ecosystem. When a certain scale is reached, live broadcast interaction can be started, and online real-time feedback of customer questions can be exchanged and transformed. Customers can place orders during the live broadcast to reach the final transaction. Search is passive traffic, so do a good job of lying down and earning. Interception of operating accounts and competitors is an active attack.

3. Blocking of peer accounts

Peer interception is an enduring game, where there are rivers and lakes, there will be peers, and there will be peers to intercept. Sellers can use the account matrix to comment on TikTok peer accounts, and use peer exposure to retain customers. Potential customers will contact you if they see the comments and messages.

4. Launch official paid advertisements

Spending money on advertising through official channels means that you can more accurately target consumers on the TikTok platform. Of course, this depends on your launch time and industry. The specific launch price is different. You can get these in the first place and have strong purchases. The contact information of the willing customers, and the rest is the contact conversion.

5. Setting reference for TikTok shooting

Shooting in high resolution (720p or higher), using a full-screen portrait presentation (9:16), sharing a clear CTA, and keeping your ad message between 21 and 34 seconds all help improve ad performance and app adoption. conversion rate.

In terms of industry-specific best practices for driving conversions, it is recommended to use offers or CTAs in hidden headlines or on-screen text to drive more conversions.

For example, the presence of an offer or CTA increases conversions by 80%, but this number rises to 87% when the offer is narrated by a human voiceover.

Additionally, videos using multiple scenes saw a 38% increase in conversions compared to still-based ads.

3. TikTok’s path

1. Account packaging, the five elements of avatar, nickname, introduction, external link and video are all related to the theme; the same is true for sellers to make their own accounts, basic facade packaging, just finished.

2. Publish works to attract traffic.

3. Reply to the intended comment in the comment area, and guide you to see the home page and click on the external link.

The customer clicks to enter the independent station, places an order, and completes the conversion.

The method is actually very simple, the main difficulty lies in content control + continuous production of high-quality content, as well as details of the operation, including network, current limiting, etc.

In short, using TikTok short videos for customer acquisition and drainage has huge advantages for product and brand promotion, and for sellers, high-growth and attractive traffic is extremely valuable. The cost of obtaining exposure and traffic is extremely low, and many sellers have already entered the market. It is suggested that the layout of the TikTok+ independent station should be arranged sooner rather than later.

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