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Tiktok Tools Recommendation

Tiktok Tools Recommendation


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tiktok tools

Today I will share with you a batch of TiKTok tools, hoping to help novice TiKTok users to get started easily and quickly increase followers.

Tiktok Tools

1. The web version of TikTok

In addition to the mobile phones used in daily life, TikTok. The web version is also very convenient, it is more convenient than domesticTikTok. The web version of the website was launched earlier, and the functions are also very complete – uploading videos, watching live broadcasts, using data analysis functions, etc. can all be realized on the web side.

When we do account positioning, we often need to check the account content of the same category the web page, it is more convenient to view the works and live broadcasts of the target account in batches, and you can also search for all videos of the same type according to the tags.

2. TikTok for business

Officially established by TikTok for advertisers and celebrity. A platform for advertising collaborations on TikTok.

Merchants can search for qualified influencers here by restricting conditions, such as region, category, number of fans and other conditions. At the same time, the platform can also briefly analyze the information of celebrities, and provide data analysis such as fan portraits, growth trends, best performance, etc.

3. Tiklog

TikLog is a new tool for analyzing TikTok accounts.

In data analysis, it is possible to drill down to a specific account. See which videos perform best and get detailed statistics on comments, shares and views.

4. Capcut

The video editing tool under Douyin is divided into domestic version and international version. The software has complete functions and is very convenient to operate. Novice Xiaobai can also get started quickly, fully satisfyingTikTok operationdemand.

5. Linktree

A simple and easy-to-use link collection website that can help creators divert traffic from different platforms.

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