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How To Use Shopify To Fulfil Orders For Your Business

How To Use Shopify To Fulfil Orders For Your Business


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Three Options for Fulfilling Shopify Orders

Fulfilment within Shopify

Fulfilment outside Shopify

Fulfilment with Fulfillmen

Shopify order fulfilment

Shopify Order fulfilment isn’t the most glamorous aspect of running an eCommerce business, especially now that so many retailers and services provide free two-day shipping. The threshold for quick, free delivery has been raised, and companies who can’t optimize their fulfilment process risk going out of business.

Let’s look at the fulfilment process of Shopify, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. Because the normal Shopify fulfillment process is made up of multiple moving elements, fulfilling orders on Shopify can be intimidating for novice sellers.

Three Options for Fulfilling Shopify Orders

Shopify offers three alternative solutions for fulfilling orders depending on the demands of your Shopify store:

a. Automatic Order Fulfilment

b. Manual Order Fulfilment

c. Partial Order Fulfilment

1. Automatic Order Fulfilment

shopify order fulfilment service

You don’t have to sit in front of your computer when you get an order. This procedure makes sense only if:

  • You’re working with a third-party fulfilment company.
  • Packing and shipping transactions is not a requirement. Consider digital downloads.
  • You don’t have any pre-order goods available.

From the Checkout page, set up automatic order fulfilment. With automatic fulfilment, you can use automatic payment capture.

2. Manual Order Fulfilment

Manual order fulfillment is mostly preferred because it provides them control and allows them to keep track of their inventory levels.

If you choose the manual order fulfillment option, make sure “Automatic fulfillment” is not checked in the “Order Processing” section. The vendor might be more involved in the purchasing and delivery process by manually fulfilling orders.

The following should be considered in Manual Fulfillment.:

  • Run out of stock every now and then.
  • There are items available for pre-order.
  • You manufacture items on demand.
  • You wish to provide partial fulfillment to your customers.

3. Partial Order Fulfilment

There are times when a consumer places an order for multiple products and one or more of the items is out of stock or on backorder. When you receive an order for a product that is out of stock or on pre-order, but the buyer has already paid for many items, the majority of which you already have.

You will be fulfilling the remainder of the order.

Delivery and shipping

Another vital duty would be to choose a shipping courier with whom you will collaborate. The courier will be a business partner, choose someone who can better represent your company. Here are a few shipping and delivery choices available to you.

1. Fulfilment within Shopify

Shopify Shipping is the process of setting up fulfillment within your Shopify admin. You can get cheap shipping prices on many carriers, print your own shipping labels, and use additional shipping tools like return labels using Shopify Shipping.

2. Fulfilment outside Shopify

There are numerous carriers, and you must determine which one best meets your needs.

When looking for a carrier, you will need to do a lot of research so if you’re selling high-value things, you might want to look into a carrier that offers package insurance and monitoring.

3. Fulfilment with Fulfillmen

Fulfillmen offers Shopify integration so that Shopify merchants can directly integrate their fulfillment process with Fulfillmen! It is the key to streamlining an efficient fulfillment process for your Shopify business, with an emphasis on fast fulfillment that delights your customers.

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