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Still, using the traditional ways for Shipping??

Still, using the traditional ways for Shipping??


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The past 10 years have seen a lot of innovations in  and#Ecommerce  #logistics. Things are changing so fast that if you are not able to adjust to the fluctuating conditions, you will be simply thrown out from the ##Ecommerce world.

Yes; It’s time for innovations in warehousing and shipping!!!!!

Introducing #Fulfillmen, an advanced cloud-based#warehouse management system.
It’s often very hard for online business owners to make adjustments in their tight busy schedules to invest time to ship their #orders.
#Fulfillmen is here to help you with that. We offer;
*Stock receipt & storage.
*Quality assurance & inspection.
*Custom packing & labeling.
*Door-to-door shipments.

Our complete fulfillmen package includes;
*Online price calculator.
*Real-time stock & payment alerts.
*Free Email notifications to customers.
*Advanced #API integration.
*Lowest express & postal rates.
*24/7 online #WMS.

Our expertise in import custom policies and multi-country shipping cultures will help you with the documentation, import guidance, and duty calculations.


Fulfilled By Fulfillmen

We are proud to serve you and serve you well!!

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