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Social Media Word-of-mouth Marketing

Social Media Word-of-mouth Marketing


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Word-of-mouth is people’s views on a company or brand. With this, people generally have high trust in word-of-mouth. A good word-of-mouth can save promotion costs, improve corporate image, attract consumers, and drive sales growth.

Word-of-mouth communication involves non-commercial communicators and receivers who can interpret information recommending a product, service, or brand. Taking use of word-of-role mouth’s and benefits, word-of-mouth marketing is an effective way for enterprises or brands to achieve continuous and quick growth.

In the Internet age, with the explosion of information and media, consumers are already immune to, or disgusted by, advertising. Word-of-mouth spread by word-of-mouth can capture consumers’ attention and trust. Trust and loyalty allow consumers to advocate a firm or brand for free, bringing in new customers.

Social Media Word-of-mouth Marketing

It is the best way to increase word of mouth online. Social media’s involvement helps firms form emotional bonds with consumers, allowing them to leave a lasting impression. Compared with traditional media instillation, the conversion rate is higher.

Social media’s interactivity and amplification of opinion leaders’ voices is stand-alone station. Cross-border sellers can leverage overseas social media platforms for word-of-mouth marketing.

1. Know your target customers

The main body of social media is people, and it is a two-way communication, not a simple one-way output. Understand the feelings, preferences and habits of the target customers, do a good job in the preliminary market research, and formulate a reasonable and efficient social media marketing plan according to the portraits of the target customers. Win the minds of consumers and let them take the initiative to communicate for the company or brand.

While marketing, pay attention to consumers’ feedback, and feedback the company’s product development, marketing promotion and market responsiveness.

2. Always stay active

Social media has the characteristic of being “fast”, spreading quickly and disappearing quickly. If the company has not appeared in front of the public for a long time, the audience’s awareness and enthusiasm for the brand will be weakened, and the marketing effect will be greatly reduced.

Always remain active on social media platforms, hold various activities constantly, enhance the stickiness of the brand or enterprise and consumers, and after the brand has repeatedly “meeted” with consumers, the possibility of word-of-mouth communication is greatly increased.

3. Create valuable content

The biggest principle of social media communication is value and practicality . Only when the content you publish is useful to the receiver and can bring or create value for the receiver can you attract the audience and let the audience promote you from their hearts . Quality can stimulate forwarding and dissemination of content, and can reap the effect of dissemination and marketing.

High-quality forwarding interactions can bring word of mouth, attract target groups, and bring clicks or purchases. Close to consumers’ psychology, create highly interactive and highly forwarded content, resonate with small circles, stimulate consumer re-creation, and trigger viral spread of content on the entire Internet platform, which is conducive to the accumulation of corporate or brand reputation.


Finally, with the development of the Internet, information explosion and fragmentation, people’s perception and discrimination of information have declined, and people are generally used to listening to the opinions of people around them. Social media has great power and advantages for word-of-mouth communication. , Do a good job in social media marketing, build word of mouth, and shape brand effects.

However, the results of social media marketing are uncontrollable, and it may cost a lot of effort, but the effect is still not good, so keep a good attitude.

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