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Should Old Product Listings Be Abandoned?

Should Old Product Listings Be Abandoned?


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For sellers, almost all old listings have encountered the problems of low traffic and low sales.

Due to this, many sellers have high storage expenses, which affects the store’s IPI, storage capacity, and stocking plan.

If a listing suddenly loses traffic and sales, the seller must first understand why:

The product received complaints or bad reviews

The product is complained about. Amazon will deal with your listing invisibly downgrading, which will lead to a decrease in listing traffic and a decrease in order volume.

Solution: Once the seller discovers the complaint, it must immediately modify and appeal, Send an email to Amazon to en

The product received bad reviews

 There is no need to mention the impact of bad reviews on a link. When the seller finds that the sales of the product have declined due to bad reviews, he must deal with it in time.

Solution : ①Real negative reviews can help us understand the problems and pain points of the product, as well as the defects of the product; try to find the seller who left the negative review and provide him with a solution, and there is a certain probability that it can be deleted Negative comments, but it should be noted that when communicating in the station letter, pay attention to the words used in communication, and use sensitive words carefully.

②If it’s a competitor’s attack, tell Amazon and complain about advertising and FBA costs. If the reviewer’s profile looks suspicious, send Amazon a screenshot and report it as detrimental. The link was hard to raise, but the goodies are coming. The goods are on the way, and the link has been pushed up with great difficulty. These bad reviews have dealt a great blow to the link and so on. 

The product category has been modified

If the category of the product has been tampered with , the traffic of the listing will be very low, and you will not be able to search for your own product.

Solution: To prevent being included and tampering with the category, the seller should verify the buried terms in their copy and exclude false words once the listing gets online. At the same time, pay attention to the seller’s QA, feedback, comment content, and other categories. To avoid inclusion, related words should be refused early.

Reasons for competing products

  • Are competitors bargaining for on-site promotions or off-site promotions?
  • Does the competitor increase the advertising budget and increase the single bid
  • Advertisements are maliciously clicked, leading to an increase in acos and a decrease in product conversion rate
  • Being hijacked maliciously, being seized from the shopping cart
  • The list was maliciously modified, adding sensitive words, causing the link to become a dog

Solution: At the front desk, sellers must actively seek for competing products and apply rights protection tactics.

The product is a seasonal product or has participated in a flash sale recently

These factors can also lead to unstable product sales. For seckill, if the product sales trend varies too much, the system may interpret it as anomalous data with a sales increase, causing Amazon to transmit less traffic.

Solution: Sellers should keep the data stable before and after the seckill. Gradually improve the share of natural orders, stabilize keyword ranking, and gradually minimize promotion help outside or inside the site.

Increased return rates, low buyer satisfaction, and lower performance review scores

If your product is judged to have a high return rate by Amazon’s background performance standards , the listing ranking will be lowered, and the corresponding traffic will also be reduced. In severe cases, the buyer’s satisfaction is too low, and the link may be removed by Amazon. . In addition, check whether there is any feedback, A-TO-Z, untimely email reply or buyer complaints in the store.

Solution: If the old listingstill has orders every day, continue to keep it, and then re-take a set of main and detailed pictures of different styles to make a new listing, because the old listing has accumulated some weight, not only will it cost less money to advertise , You can also get more data than new listings.The data can also be used because the old and new listings are for the same people and have similar prices. To gradually transfer and extract the last value, let the old listing data optimize the new listing.

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