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Recommended tools that can make your Shopify automatically operate

Recommended tools that can make your Shopify automatically operate


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What is the most important thing we need to do if we want to do e-commerce across borders? I always think it’s time, even if it’s hard and exhausting. At the very least, it should be worth our hard work and pay more than part-time jobs.

Friends who have their own stations may have problems, but they can’t help each other and have to study on their own. This means they spend a lot of time doing silly things that are more tiring than going to work. I’m here to help you out today, and I’ll show you some tips and tools that will make it easier and more effective for you to run your own website. Let’s make money easily and happily!

What tools can greatly improve efficiency if you use Dropshipping and have your own website?

A tool to import products

Multichannel Importer (https://apps.shopify.com/ced-importer) is a tool that you should use.

This tool can sync products from Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Etsy, and Wish to a Shopify store. Products can be edited in batches, and Amazon’s FBA can ship to a Shopify independent station.

Very convenient.

A tool for setting prices

Oberlo (https://apps.shopify.com/oberlo) is a tool that we recommend.

Do you still change each one by hand when the price changes? Your vision is blurry, and you make a lot of mistakes?

Oberlo can help you set the price by itself. After you add the Oberlo plug-in to Shopify, you can use its “global pricing rule” to set prices automatically.

As shown in the image below, all you have to do is set the right pricing mode, and the system will change the prices of all of your store’s products in batches.

A way to look for products

Recommended Tool: Product Filter & Search


This tool can filter, search products, and automatically correct the spelling of words on the page. There are more than a million items to choose from. Time is saved by doing this.

Order delivery tool

Inventory Source (https://www.inventorysource.com/) is a tool that is recommended.

This is a fully automatic inventory management tool that can automatically synchronize your inventory, update the website, integrate orders, etc. Those who do dropship will find it very useful. It lets orders and suppliers work together automatically. One could say that you don’t have to do anything to finish the order fulfillment. It can help you avoid problems like sending the wrong goods, not being able to find the source of products, or not being able to talk to suppliers.

Order Tracking Tool

Recommended tool: AfterShip (https://apps.shopify.com/aftership)

AfterShip allows sellers to create their own order tracking web pages, and also supports Ins to subscribe, which is of great help to the SEO and conversion of the store.

Promotion tools

Privy (https://apps.shopify.com/privy) is a tool that we recommend.

It is a pop-up tool that can help you gather customer email addresses for email marketing in a more efficient way.

Once you have the emails, you can use popups to offer coupons to new customers or send follow-up emails to people who haven’t finished their orders.

Tools for marketing via email

Omnisend (https://www.omnisend.com/) is a tool that is recommended.

Email marketing (EDM) can be thought of as the main source of income in cross-border e-commerce.

For a Shopify store, most of your email marketing will be order confirmation, delivery confirmation, and reminders to customers who put items in their shopping carts but don’t finish them.

Omnisend is a tool that takes care of all of this for you, so you don’t have to send each email by hand.

Tools for social operations

Manychat (https://manychat.com/) is a tool that is recommended.

This is a chatbot tool that can be used to make online consultations faster and better.

If you want to use this tool to enter the URL and directly log in to your Facebook account to create a Manychat account, you can bind your own store to the Manychat background.

Tools for workflow

Shopify Flow (https://apps.shopify.com/flow) is a tool that we recommend.

With this tool, one person can run a store that gets more than 600 orders a day, make changes to 200 products and put them on the shelves in 5 minutes, and handle customer complaints and refunds while the orders are being shipped.

The first sentence is still the same: “Time is money.” If we work hard and earn more than we need to go to work, then we shouldn’t be the boss and should instead work on an independent website. It might be best to go to work without worrying. All people should use the tools above. By using these tools well, you can run a website as a side job after you get off work or have more free time to enjoy life.

It might take a while to learn how to use these automation tools well, but you have to believe that your journey won’t be in vain and that every step you take matters. As long as you keep using it, you’ll one day be surprised by what it can do.


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