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Order fulfillment simple refers to a series of complex processes from point of sales to delivery of a product. The definition seems pretty simple, but the whole idea of the fulfillment process is much complex than it appears. Although, these processes vary from companies to companies; in a broader sense it can be described as how a company responds to a customer’s orders.


Order fulfillment constitutes the process of receiving, processing and shipping a customer order. We can explain these process through numerous steps which are too complex to understand. Therefore simply speaking order fulfillment is the combination of these steps;


1.Inventory Handling.

2.Warehouse Management.

3.Order processing.

4.Packing and shipping


The success of an order fulfillment company depends on the efficient management of the above steps. And, Fulfillmen really expertise in this kind of process. Our most experienced and efficient team of experts can fulfill your orders efficiently and most conveniently than any other company.

How does it work with us?

Step 1: Send your products to a designated Fulfillmen’s fulfillment center.

After you’ve created your free seller account and completed the onboarding process, ship your product inventory to a designated Fulfillmen’s fulfillment center. There are no minimum volume requirements, ship as many items as you’d like. Businesses can take advantage of Fulfillmen’s discounted inbound shipping rates. Shipping labels are provided to the sellers by Fulfillmen.

Step 2: Fulfillmen stores your products in a secure warehouse.

Fulfillmen will catalog and store your products in our secure and ready-to-ship fulfillment centers. Once in our fulfillment centers, you can

Step 3: Customers order your products.

Fulfillmen can fulfill customer orders that occur on your own platform or on other channels. Use Fulfillmen to pick, pack and ship orders from fulfillmen.com, your own websites, other marketplaces, and even for orders that occur offline. Use the fulfillmen dashboard portal to manage orders and notify us of your fulfillment needs.

Step 4: Fulfillmen will pick, pack and ship your product.

Once fulfillmen has been notified of an order, we’ll pick, pack and ship the order out to the customer quickly. You will have complete visibility and control into the fulfillment process through your seller portal account.

Step 5: Fulfillmen will send tracking ID directly to customers

This makes it easy for them to track their orders bringing happier customers into the business.

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