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How to correct negative words and reduce unnecessary advertising expenses

How to correct negative words and reduce unnecessary advertising expenses


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Negative words

Negative words prevent your ad from appearing on keywords’ advertising space. The rationale is simple: inform the advertising system that I don’t need this inaccurate traffic, I don’t need this word’s marketing, and I hope this traffic won’t appear on my advertising space.

This operation believes that for each amazon. No stranger to sellers. Because this action can help sellers save some unnecessary advertising costs.

Whether it is automatic advertising or manual advertising, there will always be some words with clicks but no conversion or low conversion. Then these words need to be rejected at this time to avoid them from generating more advertising costs. According to the contacted sellers, observing their advertising reports for a whole year, advertising costs such as clicks but no conversions account for 10-15% of the advertising cost , which is not a small amount for sellers.

Therefore, how to minimize this cost and save more costs is also a concern of many sellers.

Negative mode

Negative patterns are divided into negative phrases and negative precision , but novice sellers tend to confuse the matching patterns of the two.

Negative phrase:

negate long-tail words with the same phrase and sequence, but not reversed phrases. Thus, shoppers searching for words containing this negative keyword will not find your ad. resembling If you don’t say “5000 mAh power bank,” shoppers won’t find your product.

Accurate negation:

When a seller negates a keyword and a buyer searches for this keyword, your ad will not appear on the relevant page at this time.

Negative terms narrow the search scope, making it easy to negate specific traffic words and intercept seller traffic. Sellers should avoid using negative phrases, especially for single keywords. Negative precision is more exact and accurate for keyword negation, harder to kill, and does not effect long-tail keyword traffic.

It should be noted that if the matching method of negative words is not chosen correctly, it is easy to reduce the exposure and conversion rate of the advertisement.

What keywords need to be negative

After the ad runs for a period of time, usually the seller needs to download the ad report for analysis. If some keywords have a lot of exposure and a lot of clicks, but the conversions are very little, almost zero. Then sellers need to negate these keywords with low return on investment.

  •  Words with high exposure, high clicks, low conversion or no conversion can be accurately negated
  • Words that are not related to the attributes of the product or the usage scenarios of the product. For example, if you use a certain keyword to search the front desk, none of the searched products are of the same kind, so you can deny it.
  • Irrelevant negative words derived from copywriting
  • Words with overly high ACOS, but situational.ACOS-heavy words, but situational. Negating the word may lose orders if it generates many sales, but if it generates few sales and orders, it can be negated.

Sellers can refer to these suggestions as the choice of negative words, depending on their own product conditions. If it is a new product, it is not recommended to make too many negatives first, you can observe first. Because if you do too much negation during the new product period or the product is still in the promotion period, it may affect the exposure of the entire link.

In addition, some keywords with brand prefixes can also be ignored first. Also, don’t negate the words that have not been converted after clicking a few times, sometimes it is easy to negate the words with strong correlation.

Therefore, sellers must have a certain amount of data as a basis for judgment when analyzing and optimizing advertisements. Data with too few times and too few bases is not descriptive and has no reference value. Therefore, sellers should not be too impatient about advertising.


We know that making an advertisement requires optimizing the listing, photos, keywords, and other criteria, otherwise the advertisement data will only get worse. Thus, sellers must organize the negative thesaurus before constructing a keyword matrix and reject the terms in one step while creating an advertisement.

Negative words should only be introduced to the ad group, not the advertising campaign or the double layer. “Words that slip through the net” will be clicked and spent. You can only add 1w negative words, but what if you have more than 1w? Add the first 10,000 high-frequency negative words and negative the copy’s irrelevant negative terms.

If most of the words that come out of automatic ads are not related to your product, then there must be something wrong with the listing copywriting. At this time, it is useless to deny the keywords, because this is a problem with your copywriting, isn’t it? advertising problem. This requires you to re-optimize the copy, and then reopen the ad.

Hope today’s content can help you!

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