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Latest trends of fulfillment services 2017: Increasing demand for 3rd Party Logistics Service Providers

Latest trends of fulfillment services 2017: Increasing demand for 3rd Party Logistics Service Providers


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There has been a lot of hustle in the eCommerce industry this year with no disappointments as such. In fact, this niche is constantly experiencing growing competition for businesses to stand out in the market. Hence, order fulfillment is a major part of here; companies need to stay updated with the latest trends of fulfillment services in 2017. If you are in the same business domain, check out what to expect from the market this year.

Latest trends of fulfillment services:

In 2016, the global fulfillment market was estimated at approximately$40 billion. Analysts expect this value to reach around $52 billion by the end of 2021. The following are going to be the key drivers for the growth of fulfillment services.

Internationalization of Internet

With the rapid rise in internet shopping, more people are purchasing various products from retailers in the international market. And this popularity is driving the necessity of fulfillment services with all new advanced logistics management and delivery models.

The good news is that reputed companies have already started to integrate new systems with their fulfillment services.

Multi-channel methods:

The growth of this industry will be fuelled by the dynamic changes in consumer demand for multi-channel order fulfillment services. Vendors are opening various methods of distribution including online orders, home delivery, order using mobile apps, etc.

Amazon is creating the effect:

Yes! Experiencing an online sales growth of more than 60.5%, retailers with Amazon are adopting different policies like increasing their customer base through FBA. Some are also taking up a multi-faceted marketing methodology for selling their products through sellers.

However, the notable one is third-party fulfillment centers which are presently easing the entire customer servicing system by managing the resource inventory. In order to speed up the shipment to users, businesses are constantly looking out for such centers.

New Careers:

These 3rd party delivery services are turning out to be the most attractive and cost-effective options for retailers and vendors in the eCommerce industry. With a wide global network, fast transit times, and constant tracking, these order fulfillment services can save you up to 24% as compared to traditional shipping methods.


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