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How To Use Chatbots to Make More Sales in E-Commerce?

How To Use Chatbots to Make More Sales in E-Commerce?


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Chatbots are becoming more popular in the recent years. Whether you’re clicking a tiny “Chat” button on a website or you’re interacting to an obviously automated message from a Facebook page, you know you’re interacting with a chatbot – and chatbots are here to stay!

Businesses are beginning to use chatbots in their marketing campaign. They are beginning to learn that chatbots can be very helpful in making sales – in fact, it can help them make plenty of sales!

But don’t just go create your chatbot yet! You must first learn the basics of chatbot marketing and how you can use it for your business – and this article will help you with that, so read on!

What is Chatbot Marketing?

Simply put, chatbot marketing is a marketing strategy that uses chatbot in one’s marketing campaign. A chatbot is an AI bot that responds to the customer’s basic questions so that the customer can get a quick answer to his or her inquiry.

But the main benefit of chatbots is not just giving customers a quick response, but giving the business the ability to respond to questions even if no one is available on their end to respond to the customer. This makes interaction quick and easy for both the business and the customer.

Of course, you cannot use chatbots for all your interactions (so, don’t fire your customer service team please), but it is very helpful especially when the business cannot respond at a given time (such as if they are offline or no one is available at the moment).

Is Chatbot Marketing is Better Than E-Mail or Website Marketing?

Compared to traditional online marketing such as website and e-mail marketing, chatbot marketing is apparently just a relatively new form of digital marketing. However, chatbot marketing is already showing promising potential compared to its older counterparts.

One of the main assets of chatbot marketing is immediate interaction. When customers send a chat to your website or page, they obviously want a fast and quick response. They are willing to interact at the time, so if you message back as soon as possible – be it a human or a chatbot – your customer is willing to interact to your chats so long as he or she finds your business or offers interesting.

On the other hand, e-mails are less interactive. To begin with, your customers may not even open your e-mail. If they finally did, they don’t necessarily mean to interact with your message – maybe they just want to scan your message or they just want to mark your email as “read” to put its notification off.

Of course, chatbots won’t necessarily replace e-mails, but in terms of immediate interaction, chatbot marketing has the upper hand!

How To Use Chatbots to Make More Sales in E-Commerce?

So, let’s now go to the interesting part: how can you use chatbots to make more sales for your e-commerce store? Here are 5 steps that you can do to use chatbots in earning more sales!

Step 1: Make a Facebook “Contest” Post

An engaging Facebook post will surely draw attention to your business. However, to make things more interesting for your audiences and potential customers, run a Contest where you offer your special product to that one lucky winner.

Running a Contest does not only promote engagement, but it encourages a lot of your audiences to join in because they hope to be that one lucky winner of your special product!

Step 2: Build a Growth Tool

Growth Tools are special tools used in ManyChat to help your chatbot marketing campaign grow. You can use these tools to make your CTA (call-to-action) or simply encourage your users to engage with your business via your chatbot.

If you’re using ManyChat, which is the best chatbot tool for Messenger right now, you can have a look at their in-depth guide on Growth Tools.

Step 3: Build a sequence of automated messages for sales

Finally, you need to build a sequence of automated messages to lead customers to your sales funnels.

Again, you cannot create a full-blown interaction using your chatbot alone, but you can craft a creative sequence of automated messages that can lead to potential sales.

Of course, you must understand how your customers behave and interact with you before you can create such sequence. It may take time, but once you’ve figured it out, it can bring you plenty of sales!

Step 4: Make additional sales with broadcasts

Remember, you had a contest? Let’s say that you had a contest for shoes. Once you got a new model of shoes to sell, you can send it out as a special offer to your “Shoes bot list”.

This means that once you have a new product to sell, you can promote it to your chatbot as well!

Step 5: Drive traffic using Facebook ads

This is quite simple: if you want to get more sales, get more traffic via Facebook ads. From there, you can get sales via your chatbot marketing (and other marketing efforts for that matter)!

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