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How To Track A Package Shipped From China 

How To Track A Package Shipped From China 


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To buy and track a package shipped from China has never been easier, and more people prefer buying online. The internet lets you find anything at any price, yet online sales have already surpassed brick-and-mortar ones.

Ordering online saves time and makes the procedure quick, easy, and pleasurable. Tracing a product from China to its destination country, following its movements, and predicting delivery durations are vital for customers.

How often has a cargo been lost, never arrived, arrived slowly, or required additional taxes?

You may learn how to trace a product coming from China and which delivery options Chinese eCommerce uses the most by reading this post.

Shipping Methods

how to track a package from china

The shipping option you select when purchasing a product on Chinese marketplace matters. In actuality, various shipping methods have various shipment periods, various priority, and various services.

Let’s examine their significance:

I. Shipping times:

Obviously, the timing varies based on the option selected; typically, the method supplied for free is the one with the slowest delivery.

II. Various Priorities:

Express shipping has a higher priority than regular delivery, which is typically provided free of charge. Normal shipments will be delayed, especially after Christmas or when businesses reopen after Chinese New Year.

III. Standard shipping services:

What happens if the recipient is not at home or if the address cannot be located? In these cases, normal shipping services don’t provide any guarantee, and the shipment is declared lost, but express services allow two delivery attempts and a refund if lost.

Therefore, it is critical that we select the ideal shipping option to track a package from China .

Together, let’s determine which are the primary ones that Chinese marketplaces employ most frequently.

Express shipping via YunTrack / Special Line: takes 3–8 business days to reach Tier 1 countries.

DHL: relatively pricey, but offers quick delivery that can arrive in 3–4 business days.

China Post Small Packet: Standard mail that takes more than a month to arrive

Singapore Post Air Mail: Standard mail takes more than a month to arrive.

Standard mail from Malaysia Post: takes over a month to arrive.

Hong Kong Post: Standard mail takes over a month to arrive.

China EMS or ePacket: Express mail is available through China EMS or ePacket, which is faster than regular mail but less reliable. Delivery takes between 15 to 20 business days.

Standard on AliExpress: two weeks or less for delivery using the AliExpress shipping method.

Track a Package Shipped from China using numbers

China tracking package

We want to reassure you that it is extremely likely that you can track a package from China, but you will need to know how Chinese shipments operate and what tools to employ.

Chinese sellers frequently offer “free shipping” choices, however, in these instances, they use the cheapest and slowest delivery services they can find to deliver the items.

Simply by looking at the tracking number on a box, you may quickly determine the shipping service that was employed. Chinese parcels typically have tracking numbers that begin with an alphabetical character, nine numbers, and two more alphabetical characters. You may see the timings, the package’s location, and other details using the information provided by these tracking numbers.

Here is a list of the major shipping companies, each of which utilizes a different set of codes:

Small Packet packages from China Post arrive in 30 to 40 business days and include a tracking number made up of 11 numbers.

Shipping takes between 30 and 40 business days with China Post Air Mail, and tracking codes begin with RR + 9 digits + CN.

Shipments made through Singapore Post Air Mail begin with RR and are delivered in 30 to 40 business days.

Malaysia Post shipments have tracking numbers made up of 11 numbers and the letters MY, with a 35–45 business day shipping estimate.

Shipments from Hong Kong Post begin with RR + 9 digits + HK and are delivered in 25–35 business days.

Delivery is anticipated to take between 7 and 15 business days using China EMS or ePacket tracking numbers beginning with RR + 9 numbers + CN or with LT + 9 numbers + CN.

The tracking numbers for Special Line shipments begin with YT + 16 numbers; Special Line is the fastest shipping option, with a predicted delivery time of 5–12 business days.

Shipping and Customs

shipping and customs

Have you ever had a courier from China ask you for more money when they deliver a product to you?

Did that strike you as odd? Actually, it isn’t. In truth, any items bought online from outside the EU must pay VAT and taxes like regular goods, therefore if the seller doesn’t cover these expenses, the consumer is responsible for them.

When making an online purchase from China, it is wise to confirm who is responsible for these charges or, more precisely, if they have already been factored into the purchase price or not.


Buying things from China for your business requires a reliable and professional partner.

Fulfillmen ensures a tracking code for every dropshipping and wholesale shipment and calculates all costs up to delivery.

A reliable partner can determine actual shipment timeframes, alert you of problems, and recommend the best shipping methods for you.

Documentation issues routinely stall products at customs. You may have bought illegal stuff.

Only a company that handles logistics, sourcing, and documentation checks will ensure your goods arrive.

Our software automates all order management activities, and our staff in China buys and tests products directly from Chinese producers.

With us, you can be confident the shipment matches what you paid for and have more reliable timing.

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