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How to solve the indexing problem of Google Webmaster Tools?

How to solve the indexing problem of Google Webmaster Tools?


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1. Discovered – not yet indexed

2. Duplicate pages (no authoritative markup)

How to rule out problem that if there are too many pages and they are not dealt with in time, the internal link score value will be affected, so it is still necessary to deal with related problems accordingly.

1. Discovered – not yet indexed

This situation usually has the following two situations:

1) There is a problem with the URL

The problem caused by the irregular link may be that abc.com/vince is written as abc.com//vince. If you find this kind of link, you can use robots to block it.

How to solve the indexing problem of Google Webmaster Tools?Image source: WanhudoGoogleSEO

In this case, we need to write a robots.txt shielding protocol, then add a protocol disallow://.

2) Not crawled yet

It is the most recently submitted link, and related links have not been crawled according to the priority.

How to solve the indexing problem of Google Webmaster Tools?Image source: Google Webmaster Tools background

Based on the above two points, first check whether the link is standardized or not. If it is not standardized enough, robots block related discrepancies according to the rules. If there is no problem, just wait and see if it is included.

2. Duplicate pages (no authoritative markup)

Before talking about this issue, it is necessary to tell everyone what an authoritative mark is.

2.1 What is an authority mark?

There are several similar pages, but there is a final authoritative page that needs to be marked with canonical at this time, and this tag is added to similar pages to point to the authoritative page.

How to solve the indexing problem of Google Webmaster Tools?Image source: Wanhu do Google SEO

<link rel=”canonical” href=”data source url”>. If this situation is found, it should be dealt with in time, otherwise the weight will be dispersed.

This should be judged according to the actual situation of the link. This situation will also occur if the link on the mobile terminal is not marked. If this occurs, just add a canonical to the <head> of the mobile terminal page.

then wordpress and Shopify here are plugins that support this tag.

2.2 Regarding 301 and canonical which one to choose?

Then this method is relatively safe and effective, but 301 should be used with caution. If a large amount of 301 is used in the website, it is easy to cause misjudgment by search engines, and if it is misjudged, it will cause a drop in authority.

It is very difficult to recover if the power is lowered, so 301 should be used with caution. Although 301 is redirected with weight, the period and judgment are very troublesome, so basically if you choose to use the domain name, it is best to use canonical for this kind of repeated pages.

2.3 Alternate pages (with proper authority markup)

In this case, generally speaking, several similar or identical pages are created but the data source is not marked, just like the previous amp page. If the canonical is done, then check it. When there is no mistake in the mark, then resubmit it. If it is not done or the tag is not the data source page, just re-tag it, just like the amp, just mark it to the data source page! Generally, if the number is not a lot, it can be ignored directly, but if the number is large, special attention must be paid to it. It may also be that the code is wrongly written. There may be many reasons, depending on the actual situation.

3. When 404 occurs

If the 404 page appears on the abnormal page of crawling, it must be judged in a targeted manner. If this happens, just generate such a page again.

How to solve the indexing problem of Google Webmaster Tools?

Crawling exceptions will be captured multiple times and will be updated over time. This will waste the crawling of search engines, and this problem needs to be dealt with in a timely manner.

How to solve the indexing problem of Google Webmaster Tools?

The commonly used method is to use 301 redirection, but using too much 301 will have a negative effect on SEO optimization. The suggestion is to use the same link to make a normal page, so that the 404 problem can be perfectly solved.

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