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How Fulfillmen Can Help You Retain American Markets and Keep More Profits if the US Pulled Out from UPU

How Fulfillmen Can Help You Retain American Markets and Keep More Profits if the US Pulled Out from UPU


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If you’re a China-based entrepreneur (or any ecommerce seller with Chinese products) whose target market is the USA, you should know about the disruption coming in due to the continuous trade war between the US and China. More importantly, you should know how Fulfillmen can help your business!

The USA is on a verge of pulling out from the Universal Postal Union (UPU). US President Donald Trump think it’s unfair that they pay more in postal fees than China, which have a “developing country status”, making them pay lesser fees than the US. This is the reason why China-based products can be delivered to US with a cheaper price.

According to Henry Gao, Associate Professor of Law at Singapore Management University, “Low costs in China is only one reason. Another major reason is the terminal dues system of the UPU, which fixes the postage rates artificially by classifying countries into different groups,”

The US also does not want Chinese products from coming in to their country because we take a lot of market share in the American markets – and they also don’t like the fact that Chinese product imported to the US are low-quality.

With all of these, the US is pulling out of the UPU. If this is successful, what will happen to you, the entrepreneur?

For China-based entrepreneurs, this could mean a more expensive costs on delivering products and making business in American markets. China-based entrepreneurs and companies would experience big cuts in their profits if the US completely pulls out from the UPU.

Cheap China-based business models might even be wiped out in this process – users of Aliexpress and Wish are in big trouble!

However, this is not the end of your business with your American customers. You can still sell competitively from China to US through Fulfillmen’s Special Lines!

Through Fulfillmen’s Special Lines delivery, we will streamline your delivery process and time, having your products delivered in the US within 6-9 working days. We use USPS as our end-mile delivery courier.

Since this is a special service, we offer special price to make help be more competitive over your competitors and keep a better profit margin than if you will use cheap business models like epacket.

We also have a standard delivery time, with the delivery timeframe of 5-15 working days.

If you want a faster option, we have Fulfillmen Virtual Warehousing (which will start when Q4 season begins!) Through our virtual warehousing methods and same-day flying capacity, your product will be delivered in 3-6 working days.

To learn more, you can contact our customer service team and assist you with the pricing and other concerns you may have about this Special Lines service. So don’t panic. Fulfillmen will help you make business with American markets without being hit by the upcoming disruptions caused by the trade war!

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