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How does international logistics identify whether the goods are general cargo?

How does international logistics identify whether the goods are general cargo?


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How does an international airline know if the goods are general cargo? Dangerous Goods Classification Implied for International Air Cargo

1. Things with magnets

Mobile phone accessories:

A phone case with a magnetized clasp, a phone stand with a magnet, and an earphone (including magnet).

Machinery and electronic products with motors, like fans, electric drills, etc., usually have motors. Also, There are weak magnetic fields in these products, and a magnetic inspection report is also needed.

Audio speakers, subwoofers, speakers, and phone receivers are likely to have strong magnets, and if there are a lot of them, they are likely to be supermagnetic, which is dangerous.

Magnetic adsorption is used in packing boxes, door cabinets, and other goods.

2. Things that are easy to move.

Electronic products include the electricToy, cameras, video recorders, electronic watches, computer hosts, remote controls, monitors, headphones and players with Bluetooth, and children’s shoes that light up and make noise.

Products like power distribution cabinets, control cabinets, electric gates, etc. that are made of metal and have circuit boards.

3. Things that could have compressors

Appliances for the home: a refrigerator, an air conditioner, and an air purifier.

Oxygen concentrator, dental chair, ventilator, and automatic operating bed are all examples of medical equipment.

Industrial machinery includes things like elevators, chillers, and other machines that do things like cool, pressurize, or move air.

Epidemic prevention materials – ventilator, oxygen generator, etc.

4. It’s easy to store liquids in some goods.

Phone accessories may include cases made of quicksand, glue, screen cleaner, and alcohol pads (with a small amount of alcohol in them),

Silicone oil is in hydraulic gauges. this oil is also in a lot of machines, especially large molds.

Some things that need to be kept at a certain temperature may have ice packs, dry ice, etc.

Anti-epidemic materials include vaccines, testing reagents, disinfectants (most of which are shipped as dangerous goods), and so on.

5. Things that often have compression rods

Products that have a lifting function include dental chairs, medical beds, lift chairs, forklifts, and so on.

Some of the closets have pneumatic rods.

6. Substances

All of these goods need an evaluation report of how they were transported. This type of goods includes a wide range of things that are solid, powder, liquid, or paste. To get such goods, you must first ask the customer for an appraisal report. The general cargo is the result of the report.

7. Other items

For example, plants, silkworm seeds, ornamental fish, and other fresh and perishable goods need inspection and quarantine certificates to get into the warehouse. The requirements of the two cargo stations are different, as we saw with the silkworm seeds we passed through.

Air China Warehouse: It is important to be able to accept and ship things like live animals. The price of live animals is very high, and the way they are used in operations is more complicated. China Southern Warehouse: operate as usual with fresh and perishable goods; only need inspection and quarantine certificates.

Charged, magnetic, chemicals, pure batteries, dangerous goods, fresh products, animals, plants, medicines, and other goods.

If any of the above items need international air freight services, you can get in touch with me and I’ll put you in touch with a professional logistics company.

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