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How do foreign trade companies follow up with customers?

How do foreign trade companies follow up with customers?


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Foreign trade B2B often needs to go through a rather long process from inquiry to order transaction.

The overseas trader must repeatedly bargain with the buyer until both sides are satisfied before signing the order.

In this process, some methods and skills are necessary for foreign traders to increase the turnover rate. So how should foreign trade enterprises follow up with customers?

Understand information

Before following up with customers, foreign traders need to have a detailed understanding of customers. From the other party’s website, foreign traders can learn a lot of information.

Entering the opposite party’s website, the seller must first check if their goods matches yours. If there is no match, don’t reply to important information and just offer your stuff.

Secondly, the seller needs to look at the specific information of the other company, such as the date of establishment. If there is no such information, the seller can also check the record number of the other party’s website.

If the customer is a company that has just been established for 1 to 2 years, the supply chain of the other pIf the customer is a 1-to-2-year-old company, the other party’s supply chain may be unstable.

If the customer is a company that has been established for 3 to 5 years, then they are likely to be in a profitable state, and at the same time start to shift their focus from price to quality, strength, etc. It is recommended to invite the other party to visit as much as possible if there is a factory. Of course, due to the impact of the epidemic, online video is also possible.

If the client is a corporation that has been around for over six years, they will have several options and a dominant position. They can only replace steady suppliers with superior quality and lower prices, which are demanding for foreign trade firms.

The client company’s state and needs can be estimated by its age. Of course, there are also surprises, so foreign traders need to use some other information to prove it. This information will become the key direction for foreign traders to follow up with customers.

Reply on demand

Responding according to the information inquired and the needs of customers is the key to improving the transaction rate. Generally speaking, the customer’s reply will be divided into three types: asking for a quotation, asking for a product catalog, and asking for a website link.

The sellers of the former two should provide relevant information on demand, but they cannot simply provide this information. Only skillful quotations and focused presentation of product catalog information can increase the probability of customer replies.

Finally, if the seller did not attach a website in the development letter at the beginning, it means that the seller’s foreign trade website is not competitive enough. At the same time, in order to avoid other factors from affecting the customer’s decision, it is recommended to distract the customer’s attention through other information, but also to give the other party a chance to understand, such as providing other contact methods.

Following up with customers requires a higher level of experience and skills for foreign traders, which can only be obtained through long-term accumulation.

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