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How can the Eastern European market be leveraged?

How can the Eastern European market be leveraged?


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eastern european market

Cross-border sellers have always liked the Eastern European market, which has a good consumer base and a high unit price. As of October, the busiest time of year for cross-border travel has begun. In such a tough market, what should new and experienced sellers do to explore and break the situation?

01 There is an infinite amount of “money” in the “potential stocks” of Eastern European Market giants like Allegro.

Allegro has grown very quickly in the last few years to become a giant in the Polish e-commerce market. Wu Fan, director of Allegro Asia Pacific, discussed China-Europe e-commerce at the meeting. Allegro has 22 million active users each month who retrieve 1.5 billion files. Beauty, health, and supermarket are the fastest-growing e-commerce industries, and 86% of users prefer Allegro. This makes Allegro one of the ten most-visited sites in the world.

More than that, Allegro has moved east and west while still being the best platform on the Polish market. This has made it easier for the company to grow across Europe. Aleksandra Sroka Krzyak, Executive Director of Allegro Strategy, briefed the official warehouse of logistics and warehousing about his One Fulfillment strategy. The website includes 24 venues around the EU, and consumers may use English to discover and pay for things. This helps sellers get their goods to many places in Europe.

eastern european market

02 A full set of “cheats” for running a business, from signing up to choosing products.

Aleksandra Sroka Krzyak, Executive Director of Allegro Strategy, briefed the official warehouse of logistics and warehousing about his One Fulfillment strategy. The website includes 24 venues around the EU, and consumers may use English to discover and pay for things.

The “bewildered” procedure is challenging for new and veteran vendors alike. Plus registration and review. Managing a business well requires knowing your “chips.” What does the platform do? What tools do sellers have? Allegro Seller Development Director Marcin Póchopek and International Marketing Director Mateusz Dugokcki answered questions and explained the platform’s tools and functions at the meeting.

The platform keeps developing. Joanna Bao, Allegro’s Chinese seller training manager, brought seller support and service products like Chinese assistants, Chinese training classes in seller schools, and Chinese customer managers for high-quality merchants. Sellers require Allegro’s aid with any aspect of the sale, even an inquiry.

Second, choosing merchandise is required while traveling by water or across borders. How to shop during busy, slow, and holiday seasons? Marta Lewandowska, Allegro Asia Pacific’s senior key account manager, gave new and experienced sellers “reassurance” by offering a clear and exciting 12-month product selection advice guide. She used words and visuals.

Platform advertising has been a challenge for many retailers. It’s a crucial aspect of Allegro’s operation. Allegro Asia Pacific Key Account Manager Ignacy Brocawski discussed Deals Zone, Offers badge, and Allegro Coins (Allegro gold coins). Ignacy Brocawski shows how to advertise with ads, such as listing offers and category page promos. He shows sellers step-by-step how to use different types of ads. further. Karolina Zalegowska, the Asia-Pacific key account manager, provided strategies for selling dry items to enhance sales and praise rates and assist vendors finish the loop of online purchases.

03 Allegro’s “King Bomb” plan to take over the $10 billion Eastern European market

Logistics services are also very important when entering the Polish market. Marta Lewandowska, Senior Key Account Manager for Allegro Asia Pacific, talked about the platform’s logistics service system at the meeting. The Allegro Smart! Free Shipping Plan and the platform’s official warehouse, One Fulfillment, are two popular sellers that are part of the logistics service system.

The plan for free shipping is smart.

Allegro Smart! is one of the most important loyalty programs on the platform. It lets more than five million members get free shipping on everything they buy. The Smart! badge on an offer can encourage buyers to buy more and help sellers sell more. This program is open to sellers who ship from Poland, France, the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, or the United Kingdom.

One Fulfillment at the official warehouse. Give sellers one-stop service for everything from storing, picking, packaging, shipping, and customer service. When sellers use Allegro’s official warehouse, they can cut down on storage costs and speed up delivery. Most orders sent from the official warehouse can be delivered the same day or the next.

Qu Qingqing, Allegro’s official warehouse consultant, said that the company cares a lot about the environment and has created a unique green express cabinet called Allegro One Box. The company also promises that for every ten packages a customer receives, a tree will be planted. tree as a way to get people to care about protecting the environment. Plus, if you join the Allegro Official Warehouse Program right now, you can get limited-time welcome benefits like fee reductions, discounts on promotional tools, and more.

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