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How can small and medium-sized sellers help brand marketing by analyzing the data compass?

How can small and medium-sized sellers help brand marketing by analyzing the data compass?


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43% of small and medium-sized sellers see TikTok, according to a report from the marketing firm Hello Alice. You may join TikTok or spend more on marketing if the publicity works. At the moment, TikTok has launched official policies that are good for small and medium-sized sellers. The goal is to help more small and medium-sized merchants set up shop in TikTok Shop and advertise their products and brands on TikTok to reach more of their target customers.

Many small and medium-sized sellers can’t identify how many sales come through TikTok live broadcasts or short videos since they don’t know how many sales professionals bring to the store. mistakes. TikTok Data Compass solves all these issues. This application can assist retailers to figure out their business by analyzing live broadcasts and short video sales.
To optimize TikTok Shop operations, small and medium-sized sellers should use the TikTok data compass tool to monitor live data and evaluate live broadcast, short video, and product performance.

A very useful workbench

Sellers can access the workbench by computer or app. There are two kinds of PC ends: the merchant background and the anchor workbench.

The backend of the merchant can help the seller check the store’s live broadcast performance, transaction amount, and other information. The anchor workbench data compass helps customers understand live broadcast room transaction, traffic, conversion, and other statistics.

01 PC terminal – Background of the merchant

Merchants can see live transactions, traffic patterns, and audience pictures on the live broadcast room’s enormous screen. Merchants can change their live broadcasting strategies quickly if the data changes.

Live reviews help merchants eliminate low-selling products and improve their product choices. Use products with high click-through rates, user attraction, and conversion rates as hot or drain items in future live broadcasts.

02 Workbench for PC-Anchors

Backstage data can show the relationship between live broadcast transactions per minute, fan interaction, order creation data changes, anchor speech abilities, and live broadcast activities. That’s how to speak well in a live broadcast room and utilize marketing to boost interaction. Learn about ad traffic and the conversion funnel in the live room:

For a product transaction to happen in the talent live broadcast room, it needs to go through [live broadcast room exposure, entering the live broadcast room, commodity exposure, commodity click, payment order, and other links].

Daren can utilize the anchor workbench to find out which link in the process of buying and selling a commodity has a low conversion rate based on the data, which means the complete live broadcast has a low conversion rate for buying and selling, and then undertake targeted optimization. If live broadcast room exposure isn’t adequate, the operator can consider compensated traffic.

Match the products and target users in the live broadcast room. The anchor workbench provides product performance data and crowd portraiture (age, gender, region, purchasing power, and product preferences of the audience). Based on how well a product does, experts can find popular models and possible products. They can also match highly relevant products based on crowd portraits to help products sell better in the live broadcast room.

03 Live replay from APP

The Today’s Data section of the TikTok app lets users quickly check how the live broadcast room is doing. In the live broadcast room, users can see how the live broadcast performance has changed today and in the past. Live broadcast analysis shows each room’s aggregate transaction, traffic, crowd portrait, and commodity transaction.

The data can help users enhance their live voice and interaction methods, product selection, and target customer conversion.

An analysis of the sources of store transactions

The merchant’s back-end data compass can easily switch between live broadcast data from the current day and from the past. It can also display live broadcast summary data and partner contributions for any time period. The data compass makes it easy for sellers to see where the store’s sales are coming from.

01 The number of store-owned account/alliance-delivered transactions

The store’s turnover comes from its own and alliance experts’ sales. TikTok’s data compass shows the self-operated account’s actual quantity and the alliance’s items’ percentage difference.This makes it easy for merchants to compare the two sets of data and change their business strategy accordingly.

02 The number of live streaming, short video, and commodity card purchases in a store

The store’s self-operated account’s data is broken down into how many live broadcasts, short videos, and commodity cards there are. Merchants can easily determine how their shop live broadcasts and short films are generated and how fast they are growing using Compass data.They can also use this information to plan how to deliver their next messages.

03 The number of store recommendations and sales that come from mall channels

Merchants can regulate store channel transactions and view the quantity and percentage of transactions from store channels, feed suggestions, and other sources (live broadcasts, short movies, and commodities cards) using the data compass.

The function of the anchor workbench

01 Short video effect analysis

Operators evaluate merchant/anchor workbench short films differently. Operators should use transaction data from self-operated accounts and alliance specialists to choose channels for merchants’ short films, which focus on product sales. Skilled videographers focus on drainage. Operators must track short film costs and marketing, find short films that bring more people into live broadcast rooms, and constantly improve content based on experience.

02 Watch great short videos

In addition to summarizing the high-quality short videos you make yourself, the anchor workbench [Data Compass-Video Analysis-View Details-Top 3 Transaction Amount Video of the Same Product] can be used to find other great works in the industry to learn from. Model videos can help experts make short videos with content and manage things.

03 Using short videos to find out who they are for

]Overall, small and medium-sized sellers and experts who sell goods live on TikTok Shop need to pay attention to the background data in real time and adjust the content based on the data. Follow us if you want to get more customers through TikTok.

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