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How can independent online sellers reduce Google advertising costs

How can independent online sellers reduce Google advertising costs


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The rise in advertising unit prices is actually nothing new. In recent years, merchants running Google advertising has increased competitiveness. rapidly rising promotion costs, forcing independent station sellers to deal with them.

In addition to switching to cheaper promotion channels, improving operations and conversion rates can lower promotion expenditures. So are there any ways to reduce promotion costs?

Google advertising unit price continues to soar?  How can independent website sellers reduce Google promotion costs?

Set negative keywords

Google Ads has become the preferred choice for independent website sellers to market and generate traffic because it is keyword-triggered and accurate. Negative keywords can block non-targeted ads. Non-target audiences can convert, but the conversion rate is poor and the seller’s cost is out of proportion.

Advertising proposal

Advertising copy is the key to attracting users to click and browse. Google ad vendors can rotate more than two ad creatives in an ad group. In the future, the advertising copy will be adjusted according to the specific data of the advertising.

Tips: Google Ads can display up to 3 titles and 2 descriptions, which the algorithm will mix in any sequence. To avoid ambiguity or inaccurate language, the seller should confirm the title again before placing the ad. The semantics match any specification.

High quality landing page

An attractive headline can increase the click-through rate, while a high-quality landing page can increase the conversion rate. A good landing page should have fast opening speed, high security, good display effect, and perfect consistency with the advertisement.

Google advertising unit price continues to soar?  How can independent website sellers reduce Google promotion costs?

Suitable match type

There are three types of Google Ads matching: broad match, phrase match, and exact match. Broad match can help sellers get more traffic, but because the coverage is too wide, many invalid clicks will inevitably be generated, resulting in wasted advertising costs. .

Phrase match is similar to exact match, with higher accuracy.  The cost of phrase matching is obviously lower than that of broad matching, but because of the limited coverage, it will be more suitable for the middle and later stages of advertising.

Google SEO

To get customers from Google, in addition to Google ads, sellers can also use Google SEO to improve their website rankings, thereby gaining more natural traffic. Of course, Google SEO is a relatively long process, so sellers need to plan in advance, and after a certain effect, sellers can reduce the investment in paid advertising.

Finally, locking the user’s equipment and re-dividing the advertising budget can also help sellers reduce costs. The reduction of Google advertising costs requires sellers to start from various aspects and refine operations, so as to have more obvious effects.

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