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TikTok’s Live Broadcast

TikTok’s Live Broadcast


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Many brands that use TikTok live broadcast for the first time overseas will run into trouble because many brands using it for the first time overseas will struggle because the live broadcast room isn’t popular and they can’t get official streaming. No push flow, no popularity, endless loop. How can brands improve their stay and keep users watching live? Brand owners must first understand how TikTok retains users. They can then create strategies to meet users’ expectations and keep them on the app longer.

Methods for keeping users

The live broadcast room is like a reservoir in terms of how busy it is. Paid traffic, recommended traffic, and short video traffic are all constantly coming into it But there will also be a steady flow of traffic while the live is going on. Keeping users is the most important part of converting live broadcast traffic.

If the merchant invests a lot of time and money to obtain traffic from the three entrances of paid, free, and short movies but doesn’t block visitors from departing, the live broadcast room may have few online users. Merchants must attract and retain customers to keep the live broadcast room full.

The user’s time in the TikTok live broadcast room will be affected by the setting, what the anchor says, and how the goods are organized.

The live script can be read by the merchants themselves. When a lot of people come into the live broadcast room at once, what can be done to keep them there? What are people doing that makes them leave quickly? Merchants can find out how to keep customers coming back by analyzing and summarizing a number of live. They can also try to figure out what viewers are thinking while they watch live broadcasts, develop techniques to keep traffic coming back, and optimize scripts smartly to limit the amount of users who stop watching.

Managing what users want from the live broadcast

Businesses keep track of what users want, which can make the user’s time in the live broadcast room better. The main things users want from live are vision, creativity, authenticity, and cost-effectiveness.

Visual needs

Users want to buy nice-looking items and have a good buying experience in the live broadcast room, so they will have “beautiful” expectations for the live broadcast content.

The live broadcast room is mostly beautiful because of two things. The “beauty” of the product is one. TikTok is used by a lot of people in Gen Z. The beauty of the product is more important to them than how useful it is. So, in the TikTok live room, a product that looks good can get more people to place an order. The “beauty” of the live broadcast room is the other. The background of a live and the product go well together. A live broadcast room with a sense of beauty can keep people coming back and make people like the product more.

The TikTok official brought up the official JD.com account in Indonesia, @jd id, as an example of a live broadcast. The color and tone of the live broadcast room set match the brand’s theme, and the key products are shown in the middle of the screen, which is eye-catching enough to attract the right kind of customers. He has a lot of experience putting things together. Using the needs of the users as a starting point, matching products that go well together can effectively get users to buy sets and increase GMV.

Creative content

TikTok is a way to share and sell content online. Merchants mix new, popular, and brain-hole elements to make live broadcast content that stands out. This can give users surprises they didn’t expect, which makes them more likely to pay for “content.”

We made a big advertisement for coocaa. Based on the fact that coocaa products start up quickly and the system responds quickly, we set up a series of challenges to get people to do one thing as quickly as possible. These challenges include “Challenge the fastest tongue twister,” “Challenge the fastest noodles,” and so on. The interesting live-streaming challenge fits with coocaa’s brand spirit of “exploration, discovery, and creation,” which makes customers think more about the selling point of the new product.

Real perspective

Operation Jojo said, “The process of promoting products in the live broadcast room is to impress users with sincerity.” The people who sell tea show the scene of the tea garden and how tea is picked and made. This clear scene impresses customers. sell batch The sellers demonstrate the factory’s production process. This can help consumers trust the live broadcast room more.


Most people watch live broadcasts to see if they can get better prices than at flagship stores in person or online. But users are lazy when it comes to getting information. The live broadcast rooms of merchants should show preferential information in a way that makes sense, so that users can get it in one second. For example, discount information will be shown at the top of it. This will tell users how to combine and buy products to get the biggest discount

Remember that live’s cost-effectiveness depends on both product price and user time and effort. The anchor can professionally explain products based on customer needs, quickly explain how they work, and help customers buy the right product faster.

To conclude, retailers can enhance conversions by adding incentives to scenes, items, and activities in live streaming.

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