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Getting to Know with Image Keywords or Alt Text

Getting to Know with Image Keywords or Alt Text


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Image keywords are called “alt image text”. This normally invisible type of text allows the visually impaired to access product image. Image keywords also appear when photos do not load correctly. They provide easy-to-understand pictures of words. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Amazon’s 100 image keywords are invaluable in terms of SEO and the ability to connect with customers.

After uploading photographs, Amazon A+ modules have a “image keywords” input box. Alt image text has three functions:

3 purposes of Alt Text

  1. Add “alt text” to this uploaded photo. Screen readers let visually impaired Internet users view screen material.

2. If the picture cannot be loaded, the web page’s “alternative text” will be displayed so that viewers can generally understand the page’s message.

3. When the search engine crawls the page, the “alternative text” can also help the crawler index the image correctly.

If you were selling ball caps with the image keyword “image.jpeg” and another brand used the same image with the image keyword “smiling man wearing blue hat with white royals logo”, which would you choose?

The words you choose can visually show how people feel when they use the product and improve the overall effectiveness of your listing. Do SEO well to encourage buyers to click on the listing, then stimulate conversions through accessibility, strengthen SEO, build trust, and they will click.

Understanding why image keywords are crucial to your listings, brand sellers who want to create A+ content must fill out the image keywords field. Every A+ Content Module image has an accompanying field for the image keyword, keeping the following technical requirements in mind:

Technical Requirements of Image Keywords

1. Maximum 100 characters;

2. Do not write Amazon sensitive words/violating words;

3. No grammatical or punctuation errors. Do not use single quotes ‘ and double quotes ” under English characters, because the browser will ignore the content behind the single quotes/double quotes when parsing, making the page unable to express the complete meaning correctly;

4. Do not repeat product-related vocabulary;

5. Each image corresponds to an image keyword. If there are multiple images in some image modules, it is necessary to write more than one image.

6. Do not use redundant descriptors such as “image of…” or “picture of…”.

Understand the requirements of image keywords, see how competing products are written, use the chrome browser, press F12, and then left click on a picture in the A+ page, the selected text part in the source code below, img alt=” ” Inside is the image keywords content.

It can be seen that the seller did not pay attention to this part, but simply passed it with “1”, and the rest of the A+ pictures were also sorted by Arabic numerals. In fact, in this step, you only need to prepare the keywords and give them to the art colleagues when the operation colleagues provide drawing requirements. The art colleagues can directly name the pictures when they are exported, which is in place in one step, efficient and trouble-free.

So, how to write the image keyword?

  • Use 1-2 keywords that describe the image exactly, the phrase should make an impact on visually impaired clients.
  • Use color and descriptive language to clearly indicate what the image is about.
  • Follow Amazon rules and avoid restricted content.
  • Avoid superlatives. say “bluehat’ instead of ‘most beautiful hat’, keep it objective.
  • Do not use punctuation: omit hyphens, commas, and apostrophes.

for example:

Keywords: hiking pack

General: person hiking with backpack

Description:back view of a person wearing black and yellow hiking pack looking over sunlit mountains

  • Where is the excellence:
  • Maximize character space
  • Include descriptive words like “yellow” and “sunlit”
  • Use keywords
  • Do not repeat words
  • No punctuation

Keywords: multivitamins

Example 1:multivitamin for men multivitamin for women with vitamin A vitamin D capsule

Example 2:smiling man taking red multivitamin for men and women with glass of water

Where is the excellence:

  • Balance of keywords and readability
  • no repetition
  • Evokes feelings customers may have when taking vitamins

For more cases, you can refer to Amazon’s official self-operated products. I saw a few and was deeply inspired. Brand building is not achieved overnight, intensive cultivation is often hidden in these details, surpassing competing products starts from the details, check your listing quickly.

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