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Getting to Know With Amazon’s POST Function

Getting to Know With Amazon’s POST Function


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Many people have heard of the Amazon POST function, but it shouldn’t be used by that many people. 

Most of the time, POST is shown under the product page ranking. If a buyer clicks on your post, they will go to your store. Before sending a POST, everyone should set up a brand flagship store.

What kinds of POST do people like more?


First of all, we should use the scene map instead of the white background map when we upload pictures. I will sometimes post the better-looking pictures from the review.

Second, the pictures should be easy to understand and not too complicated. Buyers should be able to see at a glance what you want to say, because if they don’t, they won’t click in.

The picture shouldn’t have too much text on it, and it can’t be made like Amazon’s main picture is usually made.

At the same time, the picture should be clear, the pixels should be big, and there shouldn’t be any white space around it.

Your text description should tell people what makes your brand unique and how valuable it is. It should also show where your brand stands in the market. Don’t copy your product description.

The next step is to choose 10 ASINs that have products you want to sell.

You can publish the last post at any time, so you can also choose a busy shopping time.

You can make as many posts as you want to get more attention. There is no limit to how many posts you can make. I used to try to post 5–10 articles every day, and even though more people clicked into the store, that didn’t seem to help.

So, everyone can use as much free traffic as they want.

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