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Facebook anti-blocking and unblocking methods

Facebook anti-blocking and unblocking methods


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In Facebook, there are two types of restrictions on accounts, one is permanent and the other is temporary. Usually the bans we see are temporary, similar to WhatsApp, as long as your FB marketing behavior is not too much, and you maintain a normal person’s usage habits, permanent bans are rare.

How to prevent Facebook account from being banned

Here are six common ones:

Avoid short-term and large-scale operations

Such as entering a large number of groups in a short period of time, sending a large number of messages, adding a large number of friends, especially new accounts.

Avoid messaging strangers.

Be careful with group actions

Don’t create too many groups at one time, don’t add all friends in the group, and don’t send too much repetitive content in the group. Duplicate content may be officially recognized as spam by Facebook, which is likely to attract official attention.

The behavior of the homepage of the page needs to be cautious

Don’t like too many pages, the page is similar to the official account, so try to avoid posting the same content as much as possible.


Firstly, plagiarism has copyright issues, and secondly, every platform hopes to maintain original content, especially content-based content like Facebook. social media platform. So whether it is copywriting, pictures, or videos, try not to plagiarize.

Facebook account Unblock method

So, in case the account is blocked, how to unblock it?

If it is temporarily locked, you can try the following:

Step 1: Clear browser cache and history, and try to log in to your Facebook account after 96 hours;

Step 2: Log in to Facebook and verify your identity according to the instructions. It is recommended to use the friend verification method to retrieve the account.

Facebook account unblocking appeal address/email:


[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

The content of the appeal must be sincere and pitiful. If there is a mistake, actively admit it and express that it will strictly abide by the official rules in the future. Remember to attach your FB account.

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