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E-Commerce Black Friday: 6 Tips to Make It a BIG Success

E-Commerce Black Friday: 6 Tips to Make It a BIG Success


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Black Friday presents e-commerce entrepreneurs and businesses an opportunity to make BIG sales and BIG profits for their stores or companies. Just think about this: just last year, in 2019, e-commerce and digital businesses acquired a whopping $7.2 billion in digital sales! On top of that, these all happened in the US alone!

In short, you can make way plenty of profit this coming Black Friday! However, with its opportunities comes responsibilities that your e-commerce store should be able to handle. This includes potentially very large order volumes and dealing with couriers as they are expected to deliver massive amounts of products to customers.

So, you should prepare for the upcoming Black Friday event if you want your e-commerce business to get the maximum profit it can generate! To help you with that, here are 6 fulfillment and e-commerce tips that we can give you to help you make your Black Friday sales a BIG success!

6 E-Commerce Tips to Make Black Friday a BIG Success

1) Adapt and Earn!

Black Friday is certainly not a normal day for e-commerce businesses: expect massive amounts of order volume, potential new customers that will flock on your store and other stuffs that can disrupt – yes, disrupt! – your regular fulfillment system.

In this case, be flexible and adapt to your current market situations. Be willing to change your fulfillment system a little bit if you have to. Maybe it’s paying overtime for your staff, increasing your operational time for your warehouse (as much as high as 24 hours), or laying out a new structure for your team to manage your entire fulfillment and e-commerce system for Black Friday.

Whatever it is, be willing to adapt to meet the potentially high demands from plenty of customers!

Most important of all, you should have your customer service representative team ready for floods of questions and inquiries. Have a plan on how your customer service rep will manage such amounts of potential questions – without losing it down to your customers.

If you want to earn big this Black Friday, be sure you’re willing

2) Prepare Your Bestsellers Before Black Friday

We like to promote bestsellers all the time because, well, they sell best! If we heavily promote bestselling products on any given day, it makes sense if we would promote them too during Black Friday!

As a bestseller, your product will mostly be in high demand, so you should prepare your bestselling product/s before Black Friday!

Be sure that your warehouse and fulfillment team know where your bestselling products are located so that once they are ordered, they can readily shipped it. Better yet, simply put your bestselling products out in the warehouse so everyone can easily see them and deliver them when the order comes!

3) Make checkouts easier for your customers

Complicated checkouts meant lower sales simply because your customer don’t even know how to deal with your checkout process.

If you find that your carts are often abandoned, maybe it has to do with your checkout system – so, to avoid any potential sales loss, ensure that your checkout is simple and easy for your customers.

Also, give as much options for your customers as possible during checkouts. Whenever possible, be flexible with shipping options, payment methods, etc. Sometimes, a customer really wants to buy your product, but because their preferred or only option is not available, they can’t get the purchase – and you lose their sale!

4) Coordinate with your partners

Prior to Black Friday, be sure that you will coordinate with your partners – most especially, couriers – and let them know what to expect ahead this coming Black Friday. By letting them know the potential order volume they have to deliver, they can be prepared in time (or let you know of any limits).

Regardless, you and your courier partners won’t be surprised when Black Friday sales start pouring in.

5) Take time to build relationships with customers

As mentioned above, prepare your customer service rep in engaging plenty of customers – this time, not only for questions, but for follow-ups during delivery. Until the product is delivered, keep in touch with your customers so they know that you won’t leave them alone until they get their product.

6) Be prepared for returns (Boomerang Thursday)

Black Friday may be boom for sales, but be prepared for the bust: Boomerang Thursday. Expect returns from many customers, and prepare your fulfillment warehouse team to process any returns for efficient processing in the warehouse!


Black Friday comes with massive amounts of potential sales. But with potential sales, comes responsibilities that you should do to ensure you get the profits that you can get from Black Friday!

With Fulfillmen, we will take care of the fulfillment and warehouse side of things! We will make sure that your store’s fulfillment side will be prepared for Black Friday – from beginning until the end!

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