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Discovering Amazon’s Sponsored Display Promotion

Discovering Amazon’s Sponsored Display Promotion


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Three Kinds of Amazon Advertising

a. Sponsored Products

It was Amazon’s first type of advertising and has always been about promoting products.

b. Sponsored Brands

It’s a brand promotion that Amazon has been running for the past two years, mostly to help brand sellers get their names out there.

c. Sponsored Display

It’s a type of ad that Amazon just added recently. It is mostly put in the station where the train is going and outside the station.

At the moment, most sellers choose Sponsored Display, which is the advertising space inside and outside of Amazon.

SD ads will show up in a number of places on the Amazon home page, including the top banner, the side of customer reviews, the related products section, and below the brand name.

It also uses different ways to reach relevant shoppers at all points in the shopping journey, such as when they are searching, finding, and buying products on and off Amazon.

What Sponsored Display ads do


Make people aware of your product to reach more people and get your product more exposure.

Conversion Rates:

Help sellers target specific products or categories or reach audiences who have viewed, viewed, or bought similar products to help you grow your customer base.


Cross-sell or up-sell items to people who have already bought from you.

SD advertising space display can not only increase the likelihood of a sale and make people want to buy, but it can also raise brand awareness and bring people into the store.

Delete anything that doesn’t follow the rules.

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