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Requirements for the Delivery Packaging

Requirements for the Delivery Packaging


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More and more cross-border sellers choose to build a website on an independent website. When the seller chooses to register and open a store, he needs to choose the appropriate logistics for delivery, and there will also be certain requirements for the delivery packaging. So, what are the requirements for the independent station delivery packaging, and what should the independent station delivery pay attention to?

Airlines require uniform packaging and sealing of liquids to prevent leaks. Batteries and fragile items must be wrapped properly. International express shipping charges by package weight and capacity. Use lightweight packaging materials to simplify packaging and save logistics expenses.

Requirements for the Delivery Packaging

1. Item restrictions

Independent website vendors must be aware of international shipping constraints. Internationally, products are classified as general, sensitive, or contraband. Ordinary goods can be mailed over ordinary channels, but sensitive goods and counterfeit goods pose safety risks to the transportation environment, such as liquids with unknown components, battery products, charged items, etc. Airlines cannot export contraband commodities like firearms, harmful goods, etc.

2. Customs clearance

The customs clearance issue is an important factor that affects whether the goods can be delivered to the recipient smoothly. The customs clearance process includes three parts: customs declaration, customs duty, and customs clearance. When declaring customs, depending on the country of origin, the amount of tax charged for the declared value of the goods is also different. Tariffs are generated due to the type and value of the goods. Generally, the probability of tariffs on goods mailed by individuals is relatively small. As long as the general goods do not exceed the country’s tariff threshold, they do not need to pay tariffs. If the quantity is large, the tax shall be paid according to the value of the goods.

Choosing a freight forwarding company for delivery can simplify the customs clearance process. The freight forwarding company will be responsible for sending the materials required for customs clearance to the recipient.

3. Recipient information

When mailing an international express, the recipient’s information must be confirmed to ensure the accuracy of the information. Foreign couriers also need to use English information.

Since the delivery address is abroad, if the return is made, it will be returned to the overseas warehouse address. If it is unsalable, warehouse rental fees will also be incurred.

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