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Content Creation Is Key to GREAT Marketing Strategy!

Content Creation Is Key to GREAT Marketing Strategy!


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Do you wonder why some businesses have blogs? Do you wonder why a fulfillment company like Fulfillmen run a blog? Let us tell you why.

Content creation is the key to GREAT marketing strategy! If you’re wondering why, please read more.


Why Content Creation Is Great For Your Business

The answer is actually simply, and most content creators know this little “secret”: your content will work for you over time.

Do you know that some websites are discovered because of the content they made years ago? A perfect example is us, here at Fulfillmen: some of our blog posts were published last 2017, yet some people today – it’s 2019 now – discover us from the posts we published last 2017!

Content creation (or content marketing in general) gives your business – specifically your business’ website – a foothold for years to come.

Yet, inasmuch as that sounds great, you must first begin doing the work if you want to get such benefits.


What Content Should You Create For Your Business?


Some store owners wonder what content they should create for their business. After all, if your main business is selling clothing or kitchenware, and never thought of writing blog posts, the idea of creating content can make you scratch your head.

Here are some content ideas you can use for your business:

  1. Informative content – most businesses, including us, create informative content for their customers. This is actually the default, the most basic content type any business create. Here, you write tips, how-to’s, guides and other information that helps the customer in making wise buying decisions.
  2. Industry news – Quite similar to informative content, you can also write about the news in your industry. But write what is relevant to the customer. For example, if you’re selling fashion, don’t write about a new emerging clothing factory – most likely, your customers won’t care. But you can write about the latest fashion trend, and how your store can help.
  3. Entertainment – If you’re fond of entertaining people, why not entertain your customers as well? Make entertaining and interesting blogs, upload funny YouTube videos related to your business, or maybe you can use memes. Or, better yet, make your informative content as entertaining as possible, so you won’t bore your customers. (Keep in mind that content creation is not limited to blogging.)

The bottom line of content creation is this: does it give value to your customers? Does it help them in one way or another?

If you answer “Yes”, that’s good to go!

How to Create Content

It all boils down to this: If you can create content and if you like it, well, you can do it yourself. Otherwise, outsource or learn the tools of creating content so you can start making one for your business.

Keep in mind that content marketing is not necessary to win in e-commerce, but it will give you long-term advantage if you start now.

Should you choose this content marketing path, we hope that this blog helped you a lot!

Wrapping Up

While you focus on creating content and other marketing strategy, here at Fulfillmen, we can help you work on your business’ highly-complex side: logisticswarehousing, product sourcing, shipping, etc.

We are experienced in this industry and we strive to work hard so our clients can meet their business’ dropshipping, Third-Party Logistics and other fulfillment needs. If you think you need these services, our experts will be very glad to assist you. Contact us now, we’ll be glad to hear from you!

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