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Complete Guide to Dropshipping

Complete Guide to Dropshipping


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What is the definition of dropshipping?

Why Dropshipping?

How to Pick the Best Dropshipping Companies

Fulfill Your Products With Fulfillmen

You’ve probably heard of dropshipping if you’re looking for an online business opportunity. Dropshipping is an online business concept that can pay off handsomely for a budding e-commerce entrepreneur. With a minimal amount of beginning capital and some sweat equity, you can start dropshipping. You can increase your business after you start seeing results by committing additional money to advertise and brand marketing. But how does dropshipping operate, and why should you use it to achieve your entrepreneurial goals?

What is the definition of dropshipping?

why dropshipping

Dropshipping is an online store fulfillment strategy in which merchants buy things from third-party suppliers when customers place orders, rather than storing inventory. The products are subsequently delivered to the customer. This eliminates the seller’s need to handle the merchandise directly. Sounds familiar, right?

When it comes to shipping and order fulfillment, the retail shop manager has little involvement. The merchant is not required to keep goods on hand, order items in bulk, or physically fulfill orders. Instead, the merchant’s products will be shipped by a third-party source.

Dropshipping is advantageous to entrepreneurs because it requires less operational capital than the typical retail model. You don’t need to create a physical business, hire personnel, keep the lights on, pay overhead, or manage inventory. Instead, you start an internet store and purchase wholesale from vendors that already have merchandise and warehouse space.

Why Dropshipping?

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Less Capital

Businesses that use a dropshipping method avoid having to invest money in inventory or setting up a storage facility. They also save time by not having to organize their inventory or hire people to fill orders. Dropshipping has a low barrier to entry since you can start a dropshipping business even if you don’t have the cash to run a typical retail operation.


Because order fulfillment is not reliant on the size of a physical facility or the number of personnel needed to ship out an order, a dropshipping company may scale swiftly. As a result, dropshipping can be extremely beneficial to retailers who have changing sales owing to seasonal considerations or other factors.

Product range is extensive.

Dropshipping expands your product options. Retailers can sell a greater assortment of products, allowing a small firm that otherwise wouldn’t be able to provide as many options due to a lack of storage to do so.


Many aspects of a retail business benefit from dropshipping. A brand can operate from any location, offer a variety of products, and easily adjust its offers as market preferences shift.

How to Pick the Best Dropshipping Companies

You’re entering a commercial partnership with the supplier whenever you integrate dropshipping in your sales plan – in any capacity.

As previously said, you are frequently at the mercy of your dropshipper in terms of product quality, timely distribution, and even legal compliance as a vendor.

That implies you must select them with extreme caution.

You want to make sure that the products are as described, but you need also check to see if the shipment matches your requirements.

Aside from the product’s condition, there are still lots of worries concerning your supplier’s business practices.

Before agreeing to do business with someone, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do they manage product returns or damage?
  • How long does it take them to complete an order from start to finish, from sale to delivery?
  • What is their customer service like? (Feel free to put this to the test.)
  • Do they provide insurance for orders?
  • Do they provide protection against fraud?
  • Are there any internet reviews or references?

Fulfill Your Products With Fulfillmen

If you need fulfillment services, Fulfillmen can help you with your business! If you are selling on Shopify, Fulfillmen offers Shopify integration so that Shopify merchants can directly integrate their fulfillment process with Fulfillmen!

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