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Can the auto parts industry be an independent station?

Can the auto parts industry be an independent station?


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For now, Chinese sellers of auto parts are relatively rare. The gross profit of auto parts is high, and the gross profit of the auto parts industry is usually above 60%. With high profits, an independent station can have more room for development. In addition, auto parts do not have high requirements for timeliness, so the ability of sellers to update is not high. In addition to the advantages of my country’s supply chain and the vast online auto parts market overseas, it is very worthwhile for sellers to try.

How should independent stations in the auto parts industry be promoted?

Blog Marketing

Write a professional long blog related to auto parts repair or selection, which is what consumers need, so it will be easier to attract consumers to click and browse. In addition, it can also show the professionalism of the seller, so as to gain the trust of consumers.

Celebrity marketing

This cooperation with auto parts-related celebrities, and then recording videos such as unpacking and installation, can help cross-border sellers reach potential consumers more accurately. It is recommended to choose YouTube here, because this is a long video platform that can accommodate more content.

Sponsored activities

Sponsoring activities that car enthusiasts pay attention to can quickly expand the exposure of the brand. And cognition is the first step in sales. Only when more and more people know the seller’s products and brands, will the sales be higher and higher.

Google Ads

Most people have relatively clear goals when buying auto parts, and Google Ads is a keyword trigger mode, which is consistent with the purchase behavior of auto parts consumers, and the conversion rate will naturally be more impressive.

Auto Parts Selection

There are also many types of auto parts, and sellers need to choose more targeted products according to their target market. American consumers are more keen to buy pickups, so in the United States, pickup exteriors, front and rear bumpers, and trunk lids are more popular. If the seller focuses on the US market, you can consider this aspect.

British consumers are more interested in car maintenance at home, so if you are targeting the British market, you can give priority to car washing tools, washing and other products, and I believe there will be better sales.

Germany is a major exporter of automobiles and the birthplace of luxury brand vehicles. Therefore, if sellers focus on the German market, they must strictly control the quality of their products.

In addition, tires, seats, and floor mats are relatively popular products in various markets. These products are consumables and need to be replaced regularly, so the demand is very strong. Because it is a consumable product, it will pay more attention to cost performance. Of course, some consumers will use it for modification and have higher requirements for appearance. Sellers need to make choices according to their target consumer groups.

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