Shipping during Chinese New Year is very different compared to shipping during regular business days. During this holiday, expect delays and other fulfillment and logistics disruptions ahead.

To reduce your risk to these disruptions, consider pre-booking for our special Chinese New Year offer.

When you pre-booked for our CNY offer, we will give you special priority so that your shipping and fulfillment processes would go as smoothly as possible during the Chinese New Year.

But hurry, this special offer is open for only limited slots! To avail, let your dedicated Account Manager know and he/she will guide you through the process!

To pre-book for Chinese New Year special offer, click here:

Fulfillmen Chinese New Year Pre-booking Form​

Holiday shipping is very different compared to regular business days. During holiday seasons, the shipment quantity is super big and most of them will have a tight deadline. There’s a big chance that it may impact your business. Fulfillmen is here to help you.

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Have a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year!