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8 Ways to Use Google Ranking for Queries

8 Ways to Use Google Ranking for Queries


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As the world’s best search engine, Google has also created many companies. There are even many new listed companies at home and abroad relying on Google rankings to survive.  It is also necessary to understand Google’s Google optimization rankings in various regions. The following is a summary of Google’s ranking query tools.

Google Webmaster Tools

Free login address: https://www.google.com/webmasters I think this is a powerful platform that search engine marketers must know. Verification of site ownership is required. You can then click Search Analytics in the Search Traffic dropdown in Search Console . It can display the impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and global average ranking of the past month. The disadvantage is that it is impossible to know the exactly Google Geographical ranking.

Thehoth (free)

Login address: https://www.thehoth.com/search-engine-rankings/ This tool is free, and you can check the Google rankings of keywords with search volume in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia . Enter the website for free and fill in the email address to get important data such as Google keyword ranking, keyword search volume trends, etc.

Serplab (free)

Login address: https://www.serplab.co.uk/serp-check.php This ranking query tool is not bad, you can query the rankings of all Google countries and regions, and you can enter multiple keywords to check the Google ranking position.

Small Seo Tools (Free)

Login address: https://smallseotools.com/keyword-position/ is easier to use. Personally, I like it more. You can search with multiple keywords, and you can choose multiple countries to view Google rankings for free.

Moonsy (free)

Login address: https://moonsy.com/google-keyword-rank-checker/ You can only query English, only one keyword, and you can only query the US Google ranking. But you can see the title and description of the search results displayed to customers

Semrush (with trial version)

Login address: https://www.semrush.com/ The data is generally updated once a week. According to the data of Google adwords , the search volume of each region is used to estimate the value of natural traffic and natural traffic. You can view 10 words in the free version, but you can probably see the number of keywords ranking in the top 100 and the traffic they bring.

7. Ahrefs (charged)

Login address: https://ahrefs.com/Log in to ahrefs, click on organic keywords in the sidebar, then you can choose a country and see the Google ranking in a certain country. Keyword search volume in this country, estimated traffic, etc.

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