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4 Reasons Why E-Commerce Sales Should Run on Different Channels

4 Reasons Why E-Commerce Sales Should Run on Different Channels


e-commerce sales channels

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Are you running your e-commerce business via Amazon only? Have you set up shop on Shopify but did not set up shop elsewhere? If you are running your business on one sales channel only, you may want to consider running it on two – and then three, four and more sales channels! After all – why not, right?

Running your e-commerce business on different sales channels may seem an added task – and it is! But if done properly, you’ll reap multiple benefits than if you’re operating on one or two sales channels only.

That being said, here are some reasons why you should consider expand and running your e-commerce business to different sales channels.

4 Reasons Why You Should Run Your Business on Different E-Commerce Sales Channels

1) You get more exposure

One of the reasons why you should consider running your business on different sales channels is that, you get more exposure when you are present on different sales channels.

Simply put, each sales channels have their own market. If you only run on, say, Amazon, you are only interacting with the customers that buy on Amazon. But if you appear on other sales channels such as Shopify and eBay, you get to interact with the market under those sales channels.

2) You reduce risk in case one of your sales channel experienced temporary or long-term problems

There’s a saying in investment that goes something like this: “Do not put all of your eggs into one basket.” The logic here is that, if you put all your eggs into one basket and that basket went down, you will lose all your eggs – or in this case, you’ll lose all your investments if you invest only on one asset. The same can also be applied to sales channels in e-commerce.

When you are only running your business on one sales channel only, your business will always take the toll whenever that sales channel have problems.

Whether we like it or not, the Internet will always have its downtime and other problems. In the case of sales channels, this means problems like server crashes, payment processing problems, etc. While these problems are usually temporary and will eventually resolve itself, your business will always take the beating should your sales channel have these problems. On the other hand, if you run on multiple sales channels, your business can still operate smoothly even if you face temporary inconveniences on one or two sales channels.

In some cases, problems with sales channels can be long-term – at times, you may even need to stop running your business on a particular sales channel. If you run on multiple sales channels and one of them went really bad for your business, you have a good buffer to rely on since you have other sales channels that runs well for your business.


e-commerce sales channels

3) More ways for your customers to interact with your business

By setting up shop on different sales channels, aside from getting exposure from different markets, you are also giving your customers new ways to interact with your store.

For example, some customers may prefer to buy on eBay than Amazon for whatever reasons they have. If you appear on both sales channels, you are giving them more options to interact and buy on your store. On the other hand, if you only sell on Amazon, you practically lose these potential customers that prefers eBay (and vice-versa).

4) More sales channels = more potential profits!

Finally, running on different sales channels simply means that you can more revenue for your business! By selling on different sales channels, you would get more exposure and more sales that you would otherwise probably lose if you only run on one or two sales channels. The bottom line there, of course, is more profits!

Final Thoughts

Running your e-commerce business on different sales channels will provide you with these benefits. That being said, you should still scale reasonably. Otherwise, your scale up may actually backfire if you load your business operations with more than what your business can handle at the time.

If you are planning to scale up and sell to different e-commerce sales channels, we have good news for you: Fulfillmen can be integrated with different major e-commerce sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce and Aliexpress!

If you have questions about our services, feel free to contact our dedicated customer service support

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