Sourcing CDC Whitelisted KN95 Masks Made Easy With Fulfillmen

Now source from Powecom, Fujian Kang Chen and Weini Technology with ease.

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Purchase KN95 masks from CDC whitelisted manufacturers with Fulfillmen

Whitelisted by CDC

The manufacturers we are partnered with are CDC whitelisted, which makes the sourcing process easy, specially for the USA.

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Multiple Manufacturers

We are partnered with 3 CDC whitelisted manufacturers (Powecom, Fujian Kang Chen and Weini Technology) allowing you to opt for the manufacturer which suits your needs better. 

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Dedicated Production Lines

Having the production capacity of 1 million masks a day, we have reserved our dedicated production lines with the CDC approved manufacturers.

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Reasons to source with us

Select the manufacturer that suits your need

Ease of Shipment

Being a fulfillment services provider we have active express lines for most of the countries along with charter flights to all of the major airports as well. So we will make sure that your consignment will reach to you on-time.

Industry Leading Manufacturers

Powecom, Fujian Kang Chen and Weini Technology are industry leading well known mask manufacturers. With us you can easily source products from those 3 CDC whitelisted companies.

Hassle Free Sourcing

With our in-house custom clearance team in China and most of the countries, you won’t have to worry about the paperwork. Furthermore the MOQ starts from as low as 15,000 pcs along with flexible payment terms as well.

Source from Fujian Kang Chen

Fujian Kang Chen Daily Necessities Co Ltd exports masks to more than 78 countries and they are white listed by CDC as well. 

Source from Powecom

One of the leading mask maker in Guangzhou, China. The company is white listed by CDC, having our dedicated production lines we can help you source products from Powecom. 

Source from Weini Technology

Weini Technology Development Co, Ltd. is also white listed by the CDC. Among other leading mask makers, we have reserved production lines at Weini Technology as well. 

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