product selection

Shopify is used by the majority of retailers, and using it will save you a lot of hassle. Using the purchased plug-ins within Shopify can alleviate several issues, such as website theme themes. To easily launch your own online store, you only need to download the necessary Shopify app and pay for the related paid monthly service.

First off, why is selection given so much attention by everyone? Finding the demand is essential because without it, the market cannot be located, and without the market, the sales project cannot function well. Finding demand is the final trend in selection, then!

The product must have autonomous R&D, packaging, and design skills and not violate platform or destination country intellectual property constraints.

Product knowledge is necessary. You, as the seller, should be most familiar with your product to understand what the seller cares about and where the pain points are.

product selection

The following three points should be the new product selection in 2022.

  • Products must have unique design and development constraints, with past selection procedures or methodologies only being utilized as a guide;
  • Product quality must be raised, as must overall design;
  • The avenues for testing items should be more varied, including Tik Tok, Pinterest, or through the way websites are operated and the growth of private domain traffic.

The prior Shopify independent site selection approach is as follows.

Before making a decision, you can consult the following:

Simply taking into account these values—visual value, practical value, emotional value, specialty value, trend value, hot value, etc.—is all that goes into choosing independent stations.

Sellers can choose products through channels like social networking, Google Trends, and SPY tools. Consider the SPY tool selection as an illustration. We all know that SPY technologies can gather information on the countries in which advertisers have placed advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. Sellers can download the products that have the best market advertising effects using this application in order to gather data on product popularity.

Ideas for product selection

Prior to everything else, we must decide which primary product categories we wish to pursue.

Enter the most split categories next to check the size and level of competitiveness of the market as a whole.

You can determine if 20 or 50 items can be produced to reach a specific sales volume. If the market is too small, it will either become monopolized or be small in comparison.

Analyze product sales, assessment, monopoly, and sellers using tools.

If the products are up to par, figure out the profit margin and then get in touch with the supplier for a product analysis.

The independent station will undoubtedly give sellers the surprise they desire during the process of using the independent station product selection, allowing sellers to select various products and have various marketing effects. This is provided that the seller carefully manages each link and puts the independent station product selection thinking and method into practice.

Sharing of product selection experience

I’ve included some recommendations for screening choices in the hopes that everyone can stay clear of hazards.

  • Avoid creating well-known products (since we can’t compete with others in the tough market for well-known products).
  • Avoid developing unpopular products (if the products are too unpopular, we may not have a lot of sales even if we achieve the top ten, and it is not recommended for everyone to do it)
  • Always use warm products.
  • Avoid creating a brand-new category (although a brand new category is an opportunity, it may also be a pit, so be cautious)
  • Avoid creating items with several functionalities; it is preferable to have just one (the more functions, the more troublesome our after-sales processing will be, so try to choose a simple and single function)
  • Affordable (this is not absolute, it is mainly determined by the amount of personal funds.)
  • Small dimensions (if the size is small, the shipping fee will not be particularly high, including the storage fee later)
  • Simple to package products
  • Products that are simple to move
  • No post-purchase items
  • Avoid having products with various versions because these products require more stocking, more inventory, and more money. Still, you need to make wise decisions.)

You can use the websites listed below.


I have to admit that AliExpress is China’s biggest cross-border marketplace. The majority of international dropshipping comes from AliExpress. Why? Simple: inexpensive. Naturally, we can also discover our own sources on it at that point. It is advised to take a peek at the homepage’s Flash Deals channel. There are a lot of odd and inventive tiny things available for a very little price.

Top selling on Amazon

When you see superior products, you can go to Aliexpress to find the identical item, but the price will undoubtedly be greater. Amazon still holds a prominent position in Europe and the United States, so pricing there are obviously quite pricey. much lower cost.

Use the Buzzsumo resource

You can use this tool to search for the most popular social media posts. You may also enter product keywords at the same time to search for the most well-liked postings. For instance, if you notice that a post regarding apparel for pets is particularly popular, click on it to discover that this product is still very uncommon in the market. Congratulations! You can now uncover the source and test the product by advertising on social networking sites like Facebook. This tool has a cost. Students who require it will be grouped together by me, and everyone will come to get it at a price that is unquestionably affordable.


This plug-in must be a familiar to you. With only one click, you may compile products from AliExpress and upload them to your Shopify store. What connection does this app have to product choice given that it was previously paid for but is now completely free?

There are thousands of comments when you visit the app download page. Each comment is actually a link to the commenter’s online store. To view it and see what things they are selling, click the arrow in the image below.

sum up and communicate

A significant restructuring of cross-border e-commerce has taken place as of 2021. Sellers should put more effort into the product selection process in 2022.

Selection is always a process and way of thinking, teaching you how to identify a good way to sell rather than telling you what to sell. I thus hope that these data and websites will help you identify your own high-quality products.