In the age of global trade and a higher demand for fast delivery, businesses need to find new options.  Fulfillmen is here to help you out with that! We offer an alternative rail service- one that runs from China all throughout Europe, Middle East and CIS. Our railway connections will make your shipment arrive on time each time without any problems.

When you need to import goods from outside of the country, it is crucial that you enlist the help of a supply chain management company. At Fulfillmen,  we take care of all customs declarations and other procedures for your importation process before getting your products to warehousing or dispatching them.

We use DDP for shipments to Europe for products with a minimum weight of 45kg. We also offer FBA Prep services for products from China and Hong Kong.

Trust us with your next international shipment! For more questions regarding our service, you may contact our customer service representatives by clicking here.