The growth of your business is our fulfillment

Fulfillmen Trade Co,. LTD (also known as Fulfillmen) is dedicated to help e-commerce businesses grow by providing them simple, reliable and affordable solutions to their fulfillment needs.

Who We Are

Fulfillmen is founded by a simple premise: to make fulfillment and shipping more accessible, simple and affordable to e-commerce businesses, regardless of size.

Fulfillment may sound simple – just pick your products and let your fulfillment center take care of the rest. But as e-commerce entrepreneurs would later found out, fulfillment is never simple – paperworks, regulations and cost assessments need to be properly done before you can even do the very fulfillment process itself.

Understanding that fulfillment can be a long, tiring and complicated process, Fulfillmen was founded by simply filling in the gap. By making fulfillment solutions simpler, more accessible and more affordable, many e-commerce business can enjoy worldwide shipping with less hassle on their part!

Above all, fulfillment became open for virtually anyone, regardless of size – small, medium or big!

Fulfillmen is a foreign-Chinese co-operated fulfillment company founded and based in China and accredited by HCEIA, China.

Fulfillmen has branch and operation centers in China, Hongkong, as well as in India.

The management and staff of Fulfillmen is highly experienced in logistics services. Aside from that, Fulfillmen also houses an in-house IT team that enables them to cope and apply new technology to deliver their services to you. The in-house IT team is also very experienced in their field, and in fact, they helped Fulfillmen bring out about achievements and heights when it comes to using IT technology when delivering their services.

Fulfillmen have a long experience in customs and last-mile delivery. This gives them an edge when it comes to settling paperworks, meeting regulations and delivering your products to your customers. This experience allows them to help you deal with the complexity of paperworks, dealing with regulations, assessing shipping cost and ensuring quality and safe last-mile delivery!

For the past 6 years since its founding in 2014, Fulfillmen grew from three hardworking people working in the company and now houses more than fifty creative and hardworking staffs. Because of that Fulfillmen managed to find new ways of making fulfillment and logistics even more affordable and accessible! This allows us to proudly serve you and we will continue to serve you well.

Work With Us

Fulfillment does not need to be long, tiring and complicated. At Fulfillmen, we offer simple and affordable solutions that can help you grow your business without breaking your bank. If you need any of our services, our customer service representative would be very happy to help you!

At Fulfillmen, We Proud to Serve You and Serve You Well.