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Why resellers and manufacturers should not worry if Trump withdraws China’s postal treaty?

Why resellers and manufacturers should not worry if Trump withdraws China’s postal treaty?


Effect of Trade War between China and US.

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Based on data, Chinese companies make 60% of packages shipped to the US. This domination has been directly pointed to the favorable pricing that international countries receive when shipping to the US. While outbound mail of American exporters is charged more! Imagine, shipping within the states is about $20 while shipping from China to the US is only $5!

As business owners, we would definitely go to where we can have a lesser cost for shipping and at the same time can deliver. Since deliveries coming from China have lower rates, it has been a common offer in most postal rates to have free shipping from this country. That is why it is a fire hit! Look at this data showing how much shipment is going to be affected with the amidst withdrawal:


Now that President Trump is in the run to withdraw from this postal treaty that allowed Chinese companies to do all these, resellers and manufacturers would be getting the hard blows. Which will lead to passing the burdens to the consumers? This means a downfall is expected in all sectors of business if higher costs are charged. But this is not totally the case for Fulfillmen clients!

Fulfillmen has warehouses both in China and US. With this, we ran the business as usual. Allowing our customers in all sectors to focus on sales all over the world! While we take good care of shipping their customers’ needs!

Fulfillmen ships from China to the US with very low rates with 3 shipping lines: 7 to 12 days, 6 to 9 days and 3 to 7 days. While shipment within the US is just 1 to 3 days! Do like a pro!

Let us stock and ship for you!

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