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Coronavirus and you – A new business opportunity

Coronavirus and you – A new business opportunity


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Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the global economy has slowed down. A lot of businesses are starting to fail as a result of stock unavailability/other factors.

While many of the Chinese generic manufacturing companies remain closed, some giants like Foxconn and others have started producing medical equipments such as face masks, gloves and thermometers etc.

The Business Insider has reported that as the virus spreads, the total sales for N95 Masks has increased up to 428%, the spike has seen for the following products as well: Household maintenance mask (218%), thermometers (42%) and hand sanitizer (21%).

Some people saw this demand as a new business opportunity and a whole new market emerges, but unfortunately an unchartered territory has it’s own hurdles, It’s difficult to find suppliers/shipping channels for such non-generic products.

Luckily we can help you source the items as well as handling the shipping for the same.

If you are interested in selling these items then feel free to contact your Fulfillmen account manager or contact us at www.fulfillmen.com and we will help you out with the same.


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