New products don’t have much traffic at the beginning. If you want to increase volume quickly, you need to use your store’s existing traffic. If your store already has mature ASINs, orders are stable, and traffic is relatively high, then try to use this method of bringing new products with old products.

But there is a prerequisite, that is, your new product must be similar or complementary. if completely irrelevantproduct, a charging treasure, and a pair of shoes, it is basically impossible to associate the traffic.

The three ways to bring the old with the new are as follows:

  • Brand promotion advertisement (mature ASIN + new product ASIN landing page)
  • Virtual commodity bundle (mature ASIN + new ASIN bundle)
  • ASIN targeting ads (new products targeting mature ASIN pages)

Brand Sponsored Ads

For brand promotion, we display up to three products, so you can use one old product with two new products, or two old products with one new product. As shown below:

Three ways to quickly increase the volume of new products and use the old to bring the new

Then the landing page of brand promotion can also put mature ASIN + new product ASIN. Bring more traffic to new ASINs.

Virtual Goods Bundle

Three ways to quickly increase the volume of new products and use the old to bring the new

Using the mature ASIN + new ASIN bundling method, the virtual bundling function closes the details page traffic loop. Shampoo and body wash can be bundled, as can phone cases and movies. You can bundle better complementary products.

Product Placement Advertisement

It is to launch new ASIN advertisements, and then locate them under the detailed pages of their own mature ASINs. to get more traffic.

Three ways to quickly increase the volume of new products and use the old to bring the new

Commodity promotion, brand promotion, and display promotion can increase the flow of new products and strengthen the closed loop; new products can be launched on self-brandExplosive styleDetails page of old products


There are several ways to generate new items, and if your store already has the key ASINs with stable traffic, you should use them to enhance exposure prospects for your new products faster and lower to swiftly issue orders.

The main methods we use are: brand promotion advertisements with new ones, virtual bundled products with old ones with new ones, and product advertisements (closed-loop traffic on the details page).

This can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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