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What is Kitting Fulfillment?

The Kitting Process

Types of eCommerce Product Kitting

Choose Fulfillmen for Kitting and Fulfillment Services


Product kitting is a strong but frequently ignored ecommerce fulfillment approach in which many things are purchased together and offered as a single product however, managing kitting and fulfillment is a large task that necessitates the correct approach and support in order to please customers and boost revenue.

What is Kitting Fulfillment?

Kitting is an inventory management method and e-commerce fulfillment service where multiple products are bundled, packaged, and sold together as a single offering. Product kitting is a method of streamlining the order fulfillment process by generating a succession of ready-to-ship product bundles. The availability of pre-assembled kits for purchase reduces the number of unique multi-item orders that warehouse workers must assemble, resulting in speedier shipping and delivery times.

The Kitting Process

Receiving an order for your product kit. 

A customer will use your ecommerce website to order one of your product kits. This could be a one-time kit or a subscription service that will be sent on a certain day each cycle.

Picking/packing the kit for shipping.

If the product kit is pre-assembled, the picker will need to locate it in the warehouse’s allocated location. If the kit is being packed on demand, the picker must extract all of the kit’s components and pack them according to the packing plan.

Scan and label

After the kit has been completed, it will need a shipping label and scanning to identify it as a single SKU with a specific list of items.


The finished kit will then be delivered to the purchaser who has been anticipating their purchase.

Types of eCommerce Product Kitting

Subscription Boxes

One of the most prevalent types of bundled merchandise is subscription boxes. Third-party systems can assist you in running your subscription box service more efficiently and converting one-time buyers into monthly members who earn cash for your company.

Assembled Products

Kitting is a common practice that is considered an important element of the fulfillment process. It allows eCommerce stores to provide customers with more choices. Parts for any built-to-order product kits can be kept in stock and assembled in several combinations to give customers more options.

Packed-to-Order Sets

Packed-to-order sets allow eCommerce companies to give customers a variety of options in terms of quantity, color, and product mix. Customers can purchase a wider range of products from online retailers that offer kitting and bundling services.

Choose Fulfillmen for Kitting and Fulfillment Services

For simplified fulfillment, Fulfillmen can pre-assemble and store all of your kits in your facilities in properly-sized shipping boxes ahead of time. In addition, complex kits such as subscription boxes or gift sets that require extra narrative in the form of special packaging or complimentary samples can now be easily managed. Contact us today!