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How to Use WeGoBuy to Order from Taobao

How to Use WeGoBuy to Order from Taobao


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Even while AliExpress has established itself as the go-to online shopping destination in China for some time now, some items, particularly copies, are still unavailable there.

Because of this, more and more customers are switching to Taobao, the Chinese equivalent of AliExpress, where the choice and prices are even better.

However, Taobao has a limitation: because it caters to Chinese residents, it only ships to postal addresses in China.

Intermediary agents, who are just Chinese businesses that accept your order and send it to your nation on your behalf, are the answer to this problem.

Wegobuy is the most well-known agent, therefore today we’ll examine whether this popularity is deserved.

We’ll evaluate if it makes sense to use Wegobuy to make purchases on Taobao, as well as what the expenses are and how they compare to using other agents.

Why use Wegobuy to purchase on Taobao?

It’s extremely fascinating because Taobao has considerably more affordable rates than AliExpress. However, as we have stated, purchases from outside the United States are not permitted on this website.

Wegobuy steps in to serve as an intermediary for your purchases on Taobao and Tmall in this situation.

A typical practice is to amass packages on Wegobuy and then order them all at once so that you only have to pay for one shipping.

This service also saves your shipments for up to 180 days, which is particularly helpful for those who buy slowly.

How to purchase on Wegobuy

Wegobuy homepage

Entering the Wegobuy home page is the first step. You can choose the language and currency in which the page will display at the top of the page. You will then register as you would on any other website.

Look for items

There are two methods for buying. The simplest method is to utilize a search engine and add keywords; the results will display products from Tmall or Taobao that meet your requirements. Be aware that every interaction with the page, including searches, is done in English.

Another choice is to visit the Taobao or Tmall pages and perform a search for the item you’re looking for. Afterward, copy the link and put it into the Wegobuy search bar. The platform itself will display the product together with all of its specs, colors, and sizes.

Additional services added to the basket

You will put the item in your basket once you have made all of your selections for it. You can include many items and pay at the end.

After that. specify the nation where you want the order delivered before proceeding with payment.

The customer can ask the Wegobuy agent for additional services, such as:

  • Detailed images

Ask the vendor for more precise images. There is a modest additional fee of 2 Chinese Yuan for this service (about 30 cents).

  • Message to seller

Send the seller a message with your request.

For instance, you might ask them to email you further information on the sizing chart that is unclear from the product description.

  • Fast order process

Order processing is quick. If you choose this option and need your order to be processed urgently, it will be done in an hour for just 5 Chinese yuan (just under one US dollar).

The only thing left to do is pay. The package will be delivered to the agent in a few days, and in your profile it will appear as received.

Requesting shipment

Requesting shipment

Five images of the item will be sent to you by the Wegobuy agent as soon as they receive your order. The customer can ask the agent to return the items to the seller if the item in the images does not match what you are looking for.

One must navigate to the “Warehouse” area if you choose to ask the agent to send your order to your nation. You can choose multiple products and send them all at once (remember that they can store your purchase for up to 180 days).

You will then be given a choice of shipping firms by Wegobuy. EMS, EUB, and SAL are the most popular and trustworthy. If you’re exporting to Europe, you must choose from a variety of delivery choices and pay VAT through IOSS.

Finding a China Sourcing Agent

Different sourcing agents have different strengths. To fully gain from them, find respectable liaisons. Cheap Chinese imports are risky.

To meet retailer requirements, work with an expert sourcing agent. Before signing a deal, check a sourcing agent’s credentials. Check their location, operating years, and Chinese and English skills. If feasible, interview the sourcing agent.

Retailers can buy goods themselves. This option can disfavor eCommerce stores, especially newer ones. A sourcing agent can get your organization the best prices on trustworthy goods. They eliminate business risks.

Interested in the global supply chain? Contact Fulfillmen to offer your firm an edge in eCommerce.

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