5 Benefits You Don’t Know On Using an E-Commerce Logistics Company

If you’re doing well on your e-commerce business, however, it’s time to finally open yourself in this wonderful business model – which can help you in growing your business!

By Fulfillmen.com

Most entrepreneurs, especially new ones, are not aware of services like fulfillment centers, e-commerce logistics services and the 3PL e-commerce business model. The words itself sounds complex – and probably suggests it’s costly!

If you’re doing well on your e-commerce business, however, it’s time to finally open yourself in this wonderful business model – which can help you in growing your business!

We will talk about the benefits you probably do not know about e-commerce logistics companies and the 3PL business model. As you read, you’ll be surprised at the things you’re missing if you still don’t use it.

Keep in mind that 3PL models work best for long-term solutions – meaning, new entrepreneurs are suggested to keep low first until they have a good cash flow running. Specialized businesses also probably don’t need the 3PL model because, in and of itself, it’s a low-level surface and doesn’t need much help on shipping and fulfillment.

For most businesses, however, the goal is always GROWTH – and 3PL business model, e-commerce logistics companies and fulfillment centers will help you with that!

So, what are the benefits you probably do not know that you should know by now?

1) It’s relatively cheap to start working with them

The key word here is “relatively”. If you’re a total beginner, it’s best you start on your own – and you won’t find a logistics company’s help that beneficial, anyway. You simply don’t need them yet.

If you’re raking good profits, however, it’s time to ask them about their pricing – you might be surprised if you find out that they offer a price which you can afford.

Most logistics company and fulfillment centers are flexible with their pricing because they have to adapt to your current business level.

Their goal, first and foremost, is to help you grow, and they can’t help you grow if they don’t adapt to your level.

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2) No need to worry about hiring

One benefit of a 3PL business model (and again, which you probably didn’t know) is you don’t have to worry about outsourcing once you give the job to the company.

If you go on your own, you will need to find employees on your own, how to keep them, up until when to keep them; everything about hiring, and we all know that can be a headache!

If you don’t have much time managing people, or just don’t want to, it’s best you use a 3PL business model because the logistics company you work with will do all the hiring and other human resource management needs.

In short, you will get the benefits of employing people without actually employing and managing them. We will do that for you!

3) No need to worry about infrastructure

Another benefit of hiring a logistics company is their access to infrastructures.

Most likely, you never even thought of renting a warehouse; it’s just expensive to begin with!

But here’s the thing: if you want to grow, you will need these infrastructures. You will need a warehouse to store your goods – and the benefits of an efficient warehousing system.

Instead of doing it yourself and going the costly way, why not use a cost-efficient system offered by 3PL companies?

4) Deliveries are handled for you

This is something you probably know, but of course, 3PL companies handle the shipping and delivery for your part.

You can say you can do these alone, but again, it will be time- and energy-consuming on your part. Not to mention international trade in itself is complex!

3PL companies will handle all your shipping needs as well – which carrier to partner with, when to ship, the security of shipping, and of course, the final delivery to the receiving-end customer.

5) You will save money in the long-run

You may think that using the 3PL business model is costly, but aside from you can actually get a price you can afford (regardless of where you are currently), you’ll save money – probably a lot of them – in the long-run simply because we do it all for you.

Imagine, no worries about hiring and firing, about managing a warehouse and finding a proper carrier for your deliveries. These tasks will take tons of money, time and energy on your part.

Just think about hiring a 3PL company as a one-stop way of outsourcing the most crucial tasks of your business: if it’s there and running, you’re good to go!

Are you interested now in hiring a logistics company? We’re glad if you do!

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